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A simple an approach for composing Lewis Structures is provided in a previous write-up entitled “Lewis Structures and the Octet Rule”.

several worked examples relevant come this procedure were provided in previous posts please see the Sitemap - Table of materials (Lewis Electron dot Structures).

Let us consider the situation of the sulfite ion. The chemistry formula is SO3-2 .

What is the SO3-2 Lewis structure?


Where n in this situation is 4 because SO3-2 is composed of 4 atoms.

whereby V = (6 + 6 + 6 + 6 ) – (-2) = 26 , V is the number of valence electrons of the ion.

Therefore, p = 6n + 2 – V = 6 * 4 + 2 – 26  = 0   There are no  π electrons in SO3-2

Therefore, the structure in step 1 is a plausible Lewis structure of SO3-2.

Electrons space placed around each atom so the the octet preeminence is obeyed. Because S is a 3rd row aspect can accommodate an ext than 8 valence electrons.

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Resonance Structures #1-#3 are much more stable due to less charge separation - even though the S atom has an ext than 8 electron (expanded octet) - compare to framework #4. Structure #4 is much less stable since of larger charge separation.

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