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"The Letter" is a song written by Wayne Carson the was first recorded by the American rock band the box Tops in 1967. It to be sung in a gruff blue-eyed soul layout by Alex Chilton. The track was the group"s very first and best record chart hit, getting to number one in the united States and Canada. It was also an global success and also reached the height ten in several various other countries. "The Letter" released Chilton"s career and inspired countless cover versions. English rock and soul singer Joe Cocker"s 1970 rendition became his very first top ten single in the U. S.; several other artists have actually recorded version of the tune which also reached the document charts. Rolling rock magazine had the box Tops initial at number 372 ~ above its list of the "500 greatest Songs of every Time"; the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame included it to the list of the "500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll".

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In 2011, the solitary was inducted into the Grammy room of Fame.more »

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Give me a ticket for an aeroplaneI ain"t obtained time to take it no quick trainOh, the lonely days space goneI"m coming homeOh, my baby she wrote me a letterI don"t treatment how lot money I got to spendI won"t discover my way, means back residence againOh the lonely days are goneI"m coming homeYeah my baby, she wrote me a letterWell she wrote me the letterSaid that she couldn"t live without me no moreListen come me mister please don"t girlfriend everMy baby as soon as moreAnywayI don"t treatment how lot I"ve gotta spendI"m gonna find my way, gonna discover my way back home againOh, the lonely days are goneI"m comes home, yeahWell my baby she created me a letterYeahWell she created me a letterSaid she couldn"t live there is no me no moreOh listen to me pops don"t run the railFor my baby when moreAnywayGive me a ticket for an aeroplaneI ain"t got time to take it no rapid trainOh, the lonely days are goneI"m coming homeYeah, my infant she composed me a letterMy baby created me a letterMy baby wrote me a letterMy baby created me a letter

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Joe Cocker john Robert "Joe" Cocker OBE (born 20 may 1944) is an English rock and also blues singer, who involved popularity in the 1960s, and is known for his gritty voice, his idiosyncratic arm motions while performing, and also his cover versions of renowned songs, specifically those the the Beatles. More »