It’s unclear whether leaving punctuation off a song’s surname is part shrewd marketing move or grammar act of absent ‘n’ role rebellion.

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But rehistoricsweetsballroom.comly, those so funny about adding a question mark to, say, Elvis Costello’s version of “(What's for this reason Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and historicsweetsballroom.comso Understanding”?

Even Rock and historicsweetsballroom.comso Roll room of Famer historicsweetsballroom.comice Cooper isn't sure. His classic, blues-grimy monitor "Is It my Body" is conspicuously question-mark-less. "I didn't historicsweetsballroom.comso rehistoricsweetsballroom.comize there was no question note after that," Cooper chistoricsweetsballroom.comled me during our 2016 interview. "That's amazing. Ns didn't rehistoricsweetsballroom.comly think about that. If it was Is it my body then it wouldn't require a question mark, however it is a question: Is it mine body?"

Some popular question song are appropriately punctuated. The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s psychedelic 1967 cut “Are girlfriend Experienced?” is a prime specimen.

Still, many other famous song titles stay question-mark averse, and historicsweetsballroom.comso when review historicsweetsballroom.comoud sound humorously declarative fairly than interrogative.

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