Heres a connect that will aid you answer together questions. You can not only discover words that begin with certain letters, but words that contain letters, finish with letter or strings that letter (more than one letter beside eachother. Through some exercise you can also find words the contain 4 or much more of a particular letter, etc.

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Words that start with Y:

y and also ya alreadyyacer come lie (dead) yacimiento m deposityacimiento m de oro goldfieldyarda f yardyegua f mareyema f (de huevo) (egg) yolkyerno m son-in-lawYibuti m Djiboutiyigüirro m clay-colored thrush yo Iyodo m iodineyoduro m iodideyoga m yogayogurt m yoghurtyoquey m jockey

Yo is fairly common, together is ya. You might own a yate if you"re affluent enough, in which case perhaps friend live in a huge old house with yedra farming on it, and you may also have a stable beside your residence with a yegua in it. Lock say steeds only eat hay, but I knew one that took pleasure in the occasional yema. If you"re just rich due to the fact that you married into money, then her mother"s probably really happy with her yerno, uneven he looks choose a yeti, in which case maybe he should do part yoga and also eat plenty yogur...


Yogur, yunque,yoga, (yogurt,anvil,yoga) .This is only three from around thirty in my small dictionary. There room some an excellent large ones the end there ,like, Vox, Websters, i recommend one of two people one to start.Buena suerte.

Ya - Already.Yacente - Recumbent (I think).Yate - Yacht.Yegua - steed Mare.Yelmo - Helmet.Yo - I.

These space the indigenous most typically used.

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Here"s a link. There aren"t countless


yaba, yabuna, yac, yaca, yacal, yacedor, yacente, yacer, yaciente, yacija, yacimiento, yacio, yactura, yagruma, yagrumo, yagua, yagual, yaguar, yaguasa, yagurt, yaichihue, yaicuaje, yak, yal, yamao, yambo, yana, yanacona, yanilla, yanqui, yanta, yantar, yapa, yapar, yarda, yare, yarey, yaro, yatay, yate, yaya

yayo, yebo, yeco, yedgo, yedra, yegua, yeguada, yeguar, yeguarizo, yeguato, yelgo, yelmo, yema, yen, yente, yeral, yerba, yerbajo, yerbatero, yerbera, yerboso, yermar, yermo, yerno, yero, yerro, yerto, yervo, yesal, yesar, yesca, yesera, yesero, yeso, yesoso, yesquero, yeyuno, yezgo, yodado, yodo, yodoformo

yodurar, yoduro, yoga, yogar, yoglar, yoglaresa, yogui, yogur, yol, yola, yolillo, yos, yubarta, yubero, yubo, yuca, yucal, yucateco, yugada, yugo, yugoslavo, yuguero, yugueta, yugular, yumbo, yungir, yunque, yunta, yuntar, yuntero, yunto, yuquilla, yuraguano, yuras, yuruma, yusano, yusente, yusera, yusero, yuso, yute

yuxtalineal, yuxtaponer, yuy, yuyo, yuyuba

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