Play together anyone that has actually a cape.Jump (notice her cape will fly up) and pause.Then, placed the PSP on standby. Rotate it back on and also unpause.Your cape should be suspended in the air.

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Although the sniper shows up to have been contempt less essential in this game than that has remained in the past, they are still reliable when acquiring head shots and assorted various other long variety attacks ~ above enemies. The following has 4 maps through spots ns have uncovered to be terrific for this kind of combat.1. Geonosis: In much more than one way, this map is a Sniper"s haven. The main component of the map chin is level with few obstructions, definition you can snipe from that place itself and hit units far accross the field. An additional area i m sorry is quite noticeable is the huge hill located to the next of the field opposite that the chasm. Up over there is great for firing down on the heads of enemies, no matter the location.The main CP, one that the CIS generally owns in ~ the beginning of instant activity battles, has actually two point out which space recessed into what looks prefer to be a carcass of a delivery or building. These 2 platforms are excellent for sending heavy fire, no issue the form of trooper, ~ above the adversary with little worry of gaining hit because of the overhang above the little spaces. Finally, there is those spire choose rock CPs, which have openings come snipe through. Although the end of the way and not all that good for sniping itself, it deserve to be advantageous when desperate. 2. Kashyyk: Kashyyk has several areas to snipe from, however, the following is the two main areas. Kashyyk has actually two excellent platform locations for sniping, one end the water and one versus the generally defending side, both with abilities come target both beaches if require be. The laster turrents are additionally a an excellent ida to use in this case, many thanks to it"s heavy firing capabilities. From there, except for some tiny obstructions, all beach opponents are visible. The 2nd spot is located by the defending side"s home base. This is the huge metal wall, which girlfriend can obtain to the peak of by walking increase the hill. Return you can want to use the turrents, your finest bet below if castle break through the wall and troops start flooding in is the much an ext precise sniper. 3. Tatooine: This one is quite simple. Systems on optimal of buildings can cause chaos, and the sniff CP can reason havoc on any type of who come to try and take it. However, there is one place that couple of decide to really linger at when in a while, and that is due to the fact that it is only available by Jango and Boba. From the height of the highest buildings, which you can reach native the skiff through the rocket pack, you"ll have easy out-of-range sniping accessibility and the capability to drop any explosives you might have top top them.4. Endor: This map has platforms galore in the center, and also with opponents coming out of the woodwork the is constantly best to be able to beat lock back. Endor also has a tiny hill behind the bunker CP, in i beg your pardon you deserve to stand and kill those in the turrents and any who can pop up through ease. Ns recommend a speeder and the side woods to gain there quickly, although sneaking follow me can get you up there as well.

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Ns hope this helps you all to gain those marksmen medals.