From LucasArts, Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed is part of the Star Wars mega realm that has actually spawned toys, movies, games, and also many countless other items. This task introduces the Starkiller together Darth Vader’s secret protégé apprentice.

Star Wars: The force Unleashed is for many different platforms, yet these are the cheat password designed specifically for the Wii system. This Wii cheat password will provide you a selection of various items.

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Complete the first mission of the game and also then stop it. Select “Input Code” as the option, climate enter any kind of of this codes.Cheat: AAYLA

Effect: Unlocks Aayla SecuraCheat: ACOLYTEEffect: Unlocks Asajj Ventress

Cheat: BENKENOBIEffect: Unlocks Obi-Wan Kenobi

Cheat: ECLIPSEEffect: Juno EclipseCheat: DREXLROOSH

Effect: Unlocks Drexl RooshCheat: CHOSENONEEffect: Anakin Skywalker unlockedCheat: HIDDENFEAREffect: Unlock Darth Phobos

Cheat: INTHEDARKEffect: Unlocks the shadow TrooperCheat: HOLOGRAMEffect: Proxy

Cheat: ISATWAPEffect: Unlocks Admiral AckbarCheat: JEDIMASTEREffect: Mace WinduCheat: KLEEFEffect: unlocks KleefCheat: LEGIONEffect: Unlocks a Clone TrooperCheat: MANDALOREEffect: Ralm KotaCheat: PAUANEffect: Unlocks Darth DesolusCheat: PALPATINEEffect: Unlocked Emperor PalpatineCheat: NOTIMOEffect: Unlock Chop’aa NotimoCheat: NERFHERDEREffect: Unlocks Han SoloCheat: SCOUNDRELEffect: Lando Calrissian unlockedCheat: MAVERICKEffect: Qui-Gon Jinn unlockedCheat: MARISBROODEffect: Maris Broos unlockedCheat: MARAJADEEffect: Mara Jade unlockedCheat: STORMTROOPEffect: marine Commando unlockedCheat: SITHLORDEffect: Unlocks Darth VaderCheat: SHOCKTROOPEffect: Unlocks hefty TrooperCheat: SERENNOEffect: counting Dooku unlockedCheat: SECURAEffect: Twi’lek unlockedCheat: ZABRAKEffect: Darth Maul unlockedCheat: YELLOWJCKTEffect: illustration IV Luke Skywalker unlockedCheat: TOGRUTAEffect: Shaak Ti unlockedCheat: TK421Effect: the classic Stormtrooper unlockedCheat: T16WOMPRATEffect: Episode using Luke Skywalker unlockedCheat: TYRANUSEffect: Unlocks all pressure powersCheat: BLUEWAVEEffect: gain all lightsaber crystals and also hiltsCheat: VERGENCEEffect: endless Force powerCheat: SPEEDEREffect: one million force pointsCheat: LIGHTSABEREffect: one fight kills v a lightsaber on normal enemiesCheat: CORTOSISEffect: God modeCheat: KATARNEffect: Max all force powersCheat: COUNTDOOKUEffect: Max combosCheat: GRANDMOFFEffect: Unlocks every the costumesCheat: KORRIBANEffect: Sith Stalker Armor unlockedCheat: DANTOOINEEffect: Ceremonial Jedi robes unlockedCheat: WOOKIEEEffect: Kento Marek’s Robes unlockedCheat: HOLOCRONEffect: Sith Robes Outfit unlocked

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