1-Phase Buck/Boost Step-Up Transformer - 120/240V main - 110/220V secondary - 6.88 Amps - 50/60Hz

The MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A break-up phase step-up Buck and an increase Transformer from Larson electronics is powerful, reliable, and also designed through the atmosphere in mind. An ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, the MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A provides increased reliability, greater efficiency, protection against critical equipment failures and also an extra level of security by isolating the power resource from the linked device. The lower operating costs, lower warm emissions and lower price of ownership make this transformer best for a wide range of applications and also businesses.

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Transformer Features: The MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A buck and rise transformer is a separation phase unit with a 1.5 kVA rating and also a main voltage of 120/240 V AC utilizing a preferably of 6.25 amps on the main side. This step-up transformer has a separation phase secondary voltage of 110/220 V and also provides approximately 6.88 amps (3.44 A at 110 V) ~ above the an additional side. Featuring durable construction, this unit`s cores are manufactured with non-aging, cold-rolled silicon steel laminations making use of state of the art technology.

This unit boasts a low price of ownership and also is highly power efficient. Lower warmth emissions mean less cooling is necessary as well. The NEMA 3R painted steel enclosure makes the unit perfect for both indoor and also outdoor applications, and this step-up transformer deserve to be either floor or wall mounted. The MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A features a 130°C insulation through a 80°C temperature rise.

Construction: The aluminum winding in the MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A are developed from high quality aluminum wire assist to improve performance. The near tolerances used throughout manufacturing likewise eliminates burrs i m sorry hinder performance. Each main point is particularly coated to stop the ingress the moisture and are electrically balanced to minimize axial forces during short circuit situations. Buck and rise transformers are designed come maximize the performance and also life of electric equipment. The MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A is encapsulated in silica sand and resin, and cased in a NEMA 3R stole enclosure. NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, and NEMA 12 enclosures are obtainable upon request.

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Benefits: The MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A buck/boost step-up transformer offers numerous benefits come the consumer. Buck/boost transformers pass the bulk of the fill voltage directly through the transformer, just transforming a small percentage the the load. As result of this technology, a smaller and quieter step-up transformer is manufacturered and also uses much less materials. This offers owners with far-reaching energy savings as well as offering ecological benefits.

Higher efficiency not just extends the life that the transformer, but also turn into price savings for owners in the type of lower energy bills and also decreased expense of ownership. Installation and maintenance expenses are lessened due come the smaller kind factor, and less overall room requiorments are decreased. In addition, these step-up transformers operate quieter than a typical autotransformer the the same capacity.

Mounting: Integrated wall mounting brackets do installation fast and also easy. Because of the smaller overall footprint, heavy machinery is rarely required for mounting and installation.

Installation: surroundings is simple. Attach the main leads and second leads to the step-up transformer every the noted wiring diagram. Knockout hubs on either side and also the bottom that the transformer permit for straightforward line-in and line-out wiring. The front access cover provides convenient .

Applications: air conditioners, light systems, heating elements, motor applications and also other applications the that call for the capacity to power tons that differ from the accessible line voltage.

Limitations: While there are countless benefits come a buck/boost transformer, there room some restrictions to consider. This transformer will only transformer voltage, it will certainly not transform phases, has actually no circuit isolation, and does not produce a neutral for applications wherein a neutral is not currently present. If any kind of of these limitations apply to you, friend will need a standard transformer. Please see below link for our typical line of commercial transformers or our line of phase converters.

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Note on Phases: This buck/boost transformer is a single phase step-up transformers. For three phase transformers, click on the adhering to links:Three step Delta Buck/Boost TransformersThree step Wye Buck/Boost Transformers

Larson electronics is a manufacturer and as together can construct stationary and also portable transformer systems to your specifications. Back we lug several models of power circulation transformer systems, we can deliver custom ordered units virtually as conveniently as our prebuilt units. If this version does not accomplish your needs, please contact us at 1-800-369-6671 or sales
historicsweetsballroom.com to talk about your specific requirements.

Specifications / added Information
MT-BBT-120.240V-110.220V-2P-6.88A Buck and an increase Step-Up TransformerRatings
Transformer Type: Buck/Boost Step-Up TransformerUL noted for joined States
Transformer Configuration: BoostCSA certified because that Canada
Phase: separation PhaseNEMA 3R Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure
Frequency: 50/60 HzMeets or exceeds NEMA ST-20 Standards
Input Voltage: 120/240 V ACBuck and boost Step-Up Transformer
Primary Amps: 6.25 A
Primary Configuration: two winding
kVA: 1.5
Output Voltage: 110/220 V AC
Secondary Amps: 6.88 A
112 V
Voltage % Difference: -
Secondary Configuration: two winding
Winding Material: Aluminum
Knockouts: Side and rear
Primary Termination: Front accessibility copper tabs or lead wires
Secondary Termination: Front accessibility copper tabs or command wires
Cooling: air / dried Type
Insulation: 130°C
Temperature Rise: 80°C
Sound Level: 36 dB
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3R
Encapsulation: Silica sand, resin compounds
Enclosure Material: SteelSpecial Orders- Requirements
Finish: ANSI 61 Grey / UL50Contact united state for unique requirements
Mounting: wall mount via mounting tabsToll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Dimensions: 7.19"H x 7.38"W x 5.06"DIntl: 1-214-616-6180
Weight: 16 lbE-mail: sales