From left, Tom Shubsda, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Amanda McCarthy. Courtesy Photo

NEWBURY, NH — It to be just another Sunday gig because that Amanda McCarthy, a local musician native Londonderry, who had made her method to Salt Hill Pub Shanty in Newbury for what she meant would it is in a common bar show. She had actually no idea that she would be to sing to Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler prior to the night to be over.

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“I was to sing an Ed Sheeran tune,” McCarthy recalls, “and I thought it was going to it is in my last tune of the evening. Once I sing, I type of walk off into my very own world, yet at one allude I looked up and that’s when I experienced him watching me really closely. You could tell that was yes, really paying attention. It wasn’t an prompt realization one of two people — it take it me a couple of seconds for it to really register that Steven Tyler to be the male watching and also listening come me sing.”

At that point, Tyler make his way to his seat, but McCarthy knew what she had to do. She had actually to play just one more song.

“It’s yes, really funny,” McCarthy says. “Many human being from brand-new Hampshire understand that Steven Tyler flourished up on Lake Sunapee. So mine boyfriend and also I have actually joked around him magically getting here at among my gigs and also me playing one of his songs for him but, the course, us didn’t actually mean that come happen.”

McCarthy took full benefit of the moment and also saw it together a sign. For this reason she dug deep into her repertoire and also pulled turn off Aerosmith’s 1988 hit “Angel” as her strategy encore of the evening.

“It to be terrifying yet I knew I would certainly regret that forever if i didn’t carry out it.”


This no the an initial time McCarthy has been in Tyler’s orbit. She was component of the festival line-up when he performed in ~ LaconiaFest in 2016. However, she didn’t obtain to meet him or interact with the — or sing to him — at the time.

“I’m certain he had actually no recollection of that I am, ns doubt he also saw my set that day. This to be much more personal,” McCarthy states of Sunday’s encounter.

Before Tyler left the pub he did what he regularly does once out and around in brand-new Hampshire: he took part time to chat through McCarthy around the music industry, complimenting her vocal capacity and leaving with a copy the her recent album, “Road Trip,” in hand.

“I refused to walk over to him,” McCarthy said of exactly how she taken on the entirety thing. “I didn’t desire to disturb his dinner. But I go ask the manager to offer him a tiny note, thanking him for being such an ideas to me in pursuing music. And also he came over come me and also approached me top top his own terms. He gave me 3 or 4 hugs and also cheek kisses together well. I’ve been a huge fan because I was 6 years old. I’m in reality surprised i survived.”

It to be a blush-worthy moment for sure, however one she’ll never ever forget.

“He’s a course act,” McCarthy says. “He didn’t need to take the moment to speak through me, yet he did and I’m therefore grateful. I will one-hundred percent psychic this for the remainder of mine life.”

As together coincidental moments frequently go, there is likewise a twist: McCarthy is publication a brand-new single on in march 6 entitled “Steven,” a track she says has nothing to carry out with Tyler. Still, it’s a happy coincidence.

“The timing of my opportunity meeting with him and my single release is purely coincidental. That hilarious and I’m dumbfounded,” she says.

It’s to be a big year because that McCarthy that has also been nominated for 2 awards in this year Limelight magazine Music Awards out of Providence, RI. She is up because that “Album that the Year” v her album “Road Trip,” and for “Song the the Year” with her song “Tiki Bar.” Voting begins at noon ~ above Tuesday in march 3 at

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