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Came house from work around midnight and also parked, walked away and pair minutes later alarm starts going, would just stop when I organized the unlock button on the vital fob, let the button up and also it would begin again. Finally had to eliminate battery cable to gain some sleep. In the morning placed battery cable on and also it started again however went off once I began the car, drove around, parked, turned ignition off and again it went on however stopped with pushing unlock ~ above fob no needing to store it depressed. The totality week it"s been going on as soon as I try to open up the door in morning or when I park it.Anyone recognize what"s going on, hope it"s not $$$$ to fix. Any way to disconnect alarm? Is over there a fuse come pull but still have actually power locks work? next-door neighbors are acquiring upset as am I.NEED assist FAST, thanks.

Update:Followed owner hands-on instruction come deactivate alarm. OK i thought, at least it won"t it is in going turn off in the parking lot of at work-related or in mine driveway. Fine 10 minutes later on away that went with horn blaring and also lights flashing.. I require to figure something out because I can"t keep taking the battery cable off.

Paranoid alarm?
Temporary fix: pull the #9 horn fuse under the hood. The alarm will certainly still speed the lights, however they need to stop ~ 30 seconds.Troubleshooting: ns was thinking negative door switches, but you to speak you can"t disconnect the alarm using the owners hand-operated instructions. Girlfriend probably need to replace the key body computer. That is located underdash to the best of the steering column. It has actually 4 connectors top top it. Push each connector come make sure each is sit properly.If friend still have actually a problem, it"s dealer time. The good news is that the problem is no intermittent, therefore that renders it less complicated for a dealer come fix.

Thanks for4me, I currently pulled the horn fuse because Im off to work tomorrow and at the very least the auto locks work and also it can stay locked. Is there any method I can check or change the main body computer myself, don"t have cash for the dealer.If everyone else has actually an idea i will examine it out.

I think the dealer has to do some programming / checking as soon as a body computer system is changed.A less likely cause could it is in a bad keyless entry module.You could check the door switches by the town hall the dome light. It need to dim and also gradually rotate off 30 seconds after all doors room closed.
Thanks again for 4me, you space the giver that information and also I really evaluate the help. Lights carry out dim, negative thing is the I"m due because that a state vehicle inspection genuine soon for this reason the horn fuse will have to go ago in. It can get pretty funny if the alarm starts going off during the inspection procedure but i doubt it"s a reason for failing.
It turned the end to be a bad vital FOB, even lugged the automobile to the dealer and also when ns left the stopped, once I came earlier it started again. I had actually the poor FOB in my pocket to replace the dice battery in it… dying due to the fact that it to be stuck in panic mode for ever.

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