Both Superman and also Thor are among the the strongest superheroes in their respective universes. Thor is an Asgardian god and draws his superhuman abilities from his divine heritage, if Superman is a Kryptonian alien that gains superhuman abilities many thanks to the earth atmosphere and environment.

But, what would occur in a fight between the male of Steel and the God of Thunder? who would win, Thor or Superman?

Superman is more powerful than Thor and would loss him in a fight. This comparison was officially confirmed also by Marvel and DC Comics. Superman and also Thor walk fight in the crossover comic JLA/Avengers #2 (2003) and also Superman won.

Speaking of Thor vs Superman, there’s tho a lot of to it is in said. Throughout the remainder of this article, we will look at their powers in an ext detail and see just how the fight in between Thor and also Superman would play out.

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Thor vs Superman: who Is Stronger?
Superman and His powers
Thor and His strength
Superman vs Thor: that Won?

Thor vs Superman: that Is Stronger?

Superman and His Powers

As much as Superman goes, his powers and feats are well-documented transparent the comics and also it is very easy to assistance every statement v evidence.

Superman has superhuman traits favor strength, speed, durability, and also others. He deserve to shoot burning lasers indigenous his eyes and also ice native his mouth. He can additionally fly and also is usually able to stand his ground in any form of physics confrontation, in spite of the opponent.

Although that looks prefer a god native a person perspective, he no one. In fact, on Krypton that would’ve to be like any type of human on Earth, but the earth’s atmosphere and living conditions magnified his strength in the environment.

Thor and His Powers

Thor has a the majority of the same powers his father, Odin, has, however he is still significantly weaker 보다 him. The is superhuman in most aspects (strength, durability, intelligence, longevity, etc.) yet is not immortal, together one might think based on his magnificent attributes and heritage.

He is almost invulnerable, but he does period and, like all the other Asgardian gods, will eventually die; it’ll just take him longer than your typical bear to execute so.

The thing with Thor is the he has accessibility to a variety of unimaginable powers the stem indigenous Asgard, the best-known gift the powers of Mjolnir, the Stormbreaker, and the Odin Force. Thor can also use other develops of energy and also blend v them, together he did through Power Cosmic.

There’s additionally the forbidden Warrior’s Madness, which have the right to turn Thor into an unstoppable beast, but additionally destroy his psyche, i beg your pardon is why it was banned by Odin.

Superman vs Thor: who Won?

Their powers – when contrasted this means – are really similar. In terms of physical strength, they’re almost equal, and in terms of special abilities. What seems, though, is that Superman is more enduring 보다 Thor, an interpretation that he might withstand Thor’s assaults with much more ease 보다 Thor can withstand Superman’s.

So, it’s a draw, right? Well… not exactly.

Namely, most of our crossover comparisons space actually theoretical in the sense that the characters never in reality fought, so we have to envision a fictitious fight in between them and determine the winner based on their powers and feats in the stories.

This is not the situation here, as Thor and Superman actually did struggle in the crossover comic JLA/Avengers #2 (2003), written by kurt Busiek and Superman – won!

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This to be a shock for every the Avengers, who then collectively attacked Superman and also managed to overpower him, yet still no knock him out or loss him. Yes, you’ve review that best – Superman survived a collective attack by numerous Avengers! After defeating Thor, Superman did admit that he was his toughest foe ever.

We don’t have to go any further, because the comics officially check that Superman is stronger than Thor. This was an exciting fight and also although that didn’t have actually the epic proportions us all want it to have, the still provided enough entertainment.

Still, this was a very controversial move among the fans, as Marvel fans assumed that Busiek sold himself and Thor out due to the fact that he wanted a project at DC Comics, i beg your pardon is – of food – no true, however fans will be fans, right?

The truth behind this result is in reality a vote conducted by the an innovative team behind the crossover comic, all three of whom voted for Superman, agreeing the the result of the fight had to be choose it was.

They believed that it remained in accordance with the characters themselves and that it to be the only realistic outcome. And also we agree. Had there no been this fight, us would’ve also agreed that Superman would’ve to be the winner in this fight.