Surely there can’t be a an ext perfect flower for summer than the Sweet Pea, especially when it’s a beautiful the shade of purple.

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I have Sweet Peas in mine garden, alongside the former door so that the scent drifts right into my kitchen.

I had Sweet Peas in ~ my wedding – in mine bouquet, in the buttonholes, top top the tables – and everyone commented how beautiful castle were. In truth we had actually the regional Conwy valley Sweet Pea grower harvesting his entire crop for our Midsummer’s work Wedding.

I uncover it impossible to walk previous a farm shop or florist without buying a pair of bunches indigenous the bucket the Sweet Peas outside the front door.

They are the perfect flower because that our brothers summer – castle bloom beautifully, watch gorgeous in a vase ~ above the window sill, and also then fade in no time.

Then I found this tune from Amos Lee’s 2006 Album Supply and Demand and I’m totally in love

Sweet pea, to apologize of my eyeDon’t recognize when and I don’t know whyYou’re the just reason I keep on comes home

Sweet pea, what’s every this about?Don’t acquire your way, every you perform is fuss and poutYou’re the only reason I save on comes home

Unlike the absent of GibraltarI always seem come falterAnd the indigenous just obtain in the wayOh, I recognize I’m gonna crumbleI’m trying to stay humbleBut I never ever think before I say

Sweet pea, keeper of my soulI know, sometimes, I’m the end of controlYou’re the just reason I save on comingYou’re the only reason I keep on coming, yeahYou’re the only reason I store on coming home

While you’re humming the tune, have a watch at these beauties ns came across recently perfectly in bloom and nodding sweetly in the summer breeze. I found them in an allotment at great Longstone and also in the cottage Garden at Chatsworth House.

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Hope you’ve appreciated this one.

That’s every for now,