Take a short, scenic journey from Orlando to Tampa and also enjoy the sights in between. Relying on the path you take, the trip can take much less than 1.5 hours, making that a good option for a work trip. You will certainly go with towns, wildlife administration areas, and past theme parks and lakes before getting here in Tampa. When there you can enjoy attractions and also the water of Tampa Bay and also the Gulf the Mexico. Find out listed below how to drive from Orlando to Tampa and where to protect against along the way.

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Tips for a One-Way Road pilgrimage from Orlando to Tampa

The drive from Orlando to Tampa is a short one. Girlfriend need less than 2 hrs to finish the pilgrimage if you room lucky sufficient to prevent rush hour traffic. Since you’re traveling between 2 cities, you’ll need to include extra time if you plan to drive during morning or evening sirloin hours. Also, save in mind that the courses that indicate roads various other than interstate 4 West have actually tolls.

Driving direction from Orlando to Tampa

Once you have actually your plan in place for obtaining from Orlando come Tampa, friend can choose the finest route depending on where girlfriend would like to prevent along the way, or whereby in the Tampa area you space headed.

The many straightforward course is to obtain on I-4 W and follow that all the means to Tampa. This will certainly take about 1.5 hours.A longer route take away highways component of the way. Take Florida Highway 408 W come Florida Highway 50 West. Climate take I-75 S and also I-275 S into downtown Tampa.A 3rd option is to take it Highway 408 W and also Highway 50 W come Florida Highway 33 S. From here, obtain on I-4 W and also take it every the way to Tampa.

5 stops to Make along the Way

Orlando design template Parks

What much better way to start than to invest time at among the template parks the Orlando is famed for? home to Disney human being Resorts, Universal Orlando Resort, and also more, this are areas you have to visit if you room traveling v your kids.

Inside universal Studios outside of Orlando

Fantasy that Flight, Polk City

Roughly halfway between Orlando and Tampa, Fantasy the Flight is simply off of I-4 in the city of Polk City. This is a premier aviation attraction house to end 100 rarely vintage aircraft, interactive exhibits, trip simulators, and more.

Dinosaur World, tree City

A huge outdoor park, Dinosaur World has an ext than 200 life-size dinosaurs because that those both young and old to view in their natural habitat. You deserve to dig because that fossils, and there’s likewise an indoor museum with artifacts that’s perfect for merganser days.

Lettuce Lake Park, Tampa

The lover Lettuce Lake Park just come the northeast of downtown Tampa has actually a nature center and a lengthy boardwalk every the means to an monitoring tower. Human being come because that a day spent canoeing or bird watching, and also there are also spots for a picnic if you want a break from driving prior to you reach Tampa.

See Florida wildlife at Lettuce Lake Park external Tampa

Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens is a substantial African-themed amusement park situated in Tampa Bay. There are rides, safaris and also animal exhibits at this well known attraction that room a nice alternate to the theme parks approximately Orlando.

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See wildlife friend would view on an african safari at Busch Gardens

historicsweetsballroom.com rental a automobile in Orlando

We have multiple places in the better Orlando area, including at the Orlando international Airport (MCO), where you can pick up one of our premium cars and be on her way. If you room visiting in the winter, book a convertible to take full advantage of the warmer weather. And also an SUV is perfect because that a household trip in the summer through the air conditioning cranked up. As soon as you get to Tampa, it’s easy to fall the auto off in ~ the airplane or at one of our various other branches in the city.

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