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S1 thesis, Universitas Mataram.

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The research focused on evaluating the types and the attributes of figurative language used in Taylor Swift‟s tune lyrics. In this case, this study is limited by the writer on evaluating the usage of figurative language in four song lyrics by Taylor Swift in the album that 1989 (i.e. Shake the Off, Style, blank Space, and negative Blood). Based upon the evaluation that the researcher has carried out in this study, the researcher found that right here are 5 types of figurative language had in the four songs‟ text by Taylor Swift‟s album the 1989 (i.e. Shake the Off, Style, Blank Space, and also Bad Blood) such as: Personification, Hyperbole, Metaphor, Synecdoche, and Simile. Here, Personification is discovered in the heat 11 come 12 that Shake that Off; Hyperbole is in the heat 3 that Style, in the heat 13 of blank Space, and in the line 8 of negative Blood; an allegory is in the heat 7, 47, and also 48 to 49 of blank Space, in the heat 9 the Style, and also in the heat 2 and 30 of bad Blood; Synecdoche is in the line 3 come 4 of blank Space; and Simile is in the heat 6 and also 9 of blank Space, and in the line 17 of negative Blood. In this case, an allegory is the most dominant type of figurative language used among the 4 songs in which it consists of 4 lines, followed by Hyperbole and Simile v 3 lines in each, and also the less leading are personification and synecdoche i m sorry consist that 2 lines. The role of the 5 types the figurative language discovered in the four songs‟ text by Taylor Swift‟s album of 1989 (i.e. Shake the Off, Style, blank Space, and Bad Blood) such as Personification, Hyperbole, Metaphor, Synecdoche, and also Simile are: 1). Figurative language affords us imaginative pleasure. 2). Number of speech space a means of bringing extr imagery right into verse, make the abstract concrete and also making poetry much more sensuous. 3). Figures of speech are a way of including emotional intensity come otherwise merely informative statement and conveying attitudes along with information. 4).

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Number of decided is a method of concentration, a method of saying lot in brief compass.

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