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What is the correct champion spark plug for a 10hp tecumseh eye king engine ? ns bought a champion rj19lm. Yet when i took the old plug out, i noticed the the component that screws right into the head is alot much longer than the champion. It is a off brand plug with "LG" top top it?? The blower runs well through the old plug yet I desire to have actually the appropriate plug in it. Any ideas why the old plug would be longer? it doesn"t make call with the piston, and also like I said the blower operation ok v it in....I simply want come make certain I didn"t purchase the wrong champion plug

Look for your engine number ~ above the chart in the connect below.

rj19lm is the appropriate plug. Below is a link to the hand-operated for the l had tecumseh engines. If girlfriend look right into the spark plug hole you will check out that the plug does not sit on height of the piston, its turn off to the side. Over there is no hazard of the piston hitting.
Thanks for the responses. Now to sand and repaint the within of the chute. The looks choose they offered it to blow sand ....
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