together a “Sputnik Baby” in the at an early stage 1960’s, over there were numerous influences that guided me in the direction of “thinking” in general and towards “science” (my very first intellectual passion) in particular.

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One of those impacts was a short-lived and now-obscure cartoon, The large World of tiny Adam . As the website Toonarific describes it:

Back in the job of Mercury, Gemini and also Apollo, nothing gained a kid’s love pumping much faster than the an are Race. Astronauts and NASA designers were the gold boys of the moment, together rocket launches came to be the speak of not only the night news, but additionally the schoolyard.

Capitalizing on the phenomenon, producer Fred Ladd secured the civil liberties to a series of NASA color documentaries about space, technology and all things futuristic, packaging them together into half-hour bundles as The huge World of small Adam .

All told, 110 five-minute segments were made and bundled together, and in 1964 the show debuted in syndication.

The show’s title come from that cartoon host, a curious lad named small Adam. Fairly than simply current the documentaries as they were, Ladd created a pair of man siblings to help explain points to the children at home. Adam and his freckled child brother Wilbur showed up in restricted animation wraparounds, setup the scene because that the series showcase of NASA innovation and also hopes because that the future.

of course, given little Adam’s red hair, son brother, and also obvious know-it-all brilliance …

… I believed it was all about me.


. . .

The large World of small Adam design template Song

large World, little Adam! large World, little Adam!

Big World, little Adam,Big World, little Adam,Big World, tiny Adam,Big World, tiny Adam.

oh it’s the huge World of small Adam,The best planet of small Adam.We’re casting off.We’re blasting off.It’s the big World of small Adam.

Big World, little Adam,Big World, tiny Adam,Big World, little Adam,Big World, little Adam.

Oh it’s the big World of little AdamThe sea and also live civilization of little Adam.We’re turn off in space,We’re everyplace.It’s the big World of little Adam.

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The Voice of little Adam

The voice of tiny Adam to be played by man Megna, that is much better known because that his duty as “Dill” Harris in the 1962 film To kill a Mockingbird.


To some, man Megna is also memorable because that his small role in the 1966 Star Trek illustration “Miri” in which that played among the “Onlies”.


But to me, man Megna (who died in 1995 in ~ the period of 42) will always be the voice that helped launch a life time …