The Crucible virtually everyone in the play The Crucible has actually something to execute with the hangings of john Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey and also the various other five civilization that were hung together well, yet there to be a select couple of that had a vast impact on the fatality of the protagonist man proctor 's death. These select couple of are the girls that were to dance in the woods which encompass Abigail Williams, Tituba, Betty Parris, Mercy Lewis, Susanna Walcott, mar Warren, and also Ruth Putnam. The others include Deputy branch Danforth, thomas Putnam, and also John Proctor himself. The girls the were dance in the woods are the ones that began everything. This is due to the fact that they were spreading charms to do the men they like fall in love with them. This is where Abigail…show much more content…When Abigail gets captured by Reverend Parris she decides come lie and tell him the they were just dancing and Betty Putman fainted as soon as she was frightened by Parris as soon as jumped the end of nowhere. Once Mrs. Putnam comes in to speak Parris about the event that taken place before, she states “i’d not contact it sick; the devil’s touch is heavier than sick. It’s death, drivin’ right into them, forked and also hoofed.” she is responding to her daughter Betty no waking up after she fainted and is saying that they have Reverend Hale in to check her. When Hale comes and also talks come Abigail and the other girls that were to dance in the forest she blames it on Tituba by saying the she required her to carry out these negative things. Then after gift whipped by parris, Tituba decides to say that the devil is doing it and that she witnessed Goody Osburn v the devil. Climate the other girls go together with what Tituba was saying and also begin to blame innocent people. This is how the witch trials begin and well as man Proctor 's fatality will as well. Throughout the entirety play these girls fake…show more content…Two other world that had actually to carry out with Proctor 's fatality are Deputy branch Danforth and Thomas Putnam. This is both of over there faults in the method that Danforth go not question the girls and also just walk with everything they say. For example when they are in court and also abigail says “I have actually been hurt, Mr. Danforth; i have actually seen my blood runnin’ out! I have actually been near to murdered everyday because i excellent my duty discussing the adversary 's people-and this is mine reward? To be mistreated, denied, questioned choose A-” climate Danforth states “Child, I execute not Mistrust you-” this shows that Danforth believes every little thing they say fairly than every one of the adults.

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How have the right to someone it is in so clueless about what civilization are telling him and the truth? climate there is putnam who has actually a background of accusing world of things like witchcraft so that he deserve to buy their land. Transparent the totality play he has actually been versus everyone and also is simply trying come gain