Programs that integrate a range of visual objects to create attractive, visually amazing presentations room called:Answers:A. GraphsB. Presentation graphicsC. DiagramsD. Charts

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Specialized and powerful programs, referred to as _______ are generally used come create committed commercial sites.Answers:A. Graphical site mapB. Internet authoring programsC. HyperlinkD. Microblog
This form of software works with end users, applications software, and also computer hardware to manage the majority of technical details.Answers:A. CommunicationsB. ApplicationC. UtilityD. System
_______ are supplied to modify videos to boost quality and appearance.Answers:A. Illustration programsB. Picture editorsC. Bitmap galleryD. Video editors
This form of image is consisted of of geometric forms or objects.Answers:A. RasterB. BitmapC. VectorD. Pixel
These programs are offered to create and also edit vector images.Answers:A. Illustration programsB. Photo editorsC. Presentation graphicsD. Image galleries
General-purpose applications include all of the following except:Answers:A. Web authoringB. Indigenous processorsC. SpreadsheetsD. Database management systems
Add-on programs for a variety of mobile tools including smartphones and also tablets.Answers:A. CloudsB. UtilitiesC. QR codesD. Mobile apps
This kind of software have the right to be described as end user software and also is used to achieve a variety of tasks.Answers:A. CommunicationsB. ApplicationC. UtilityD. System
To develop documents that consist mainly of text, you require this software.Answers:A. Presentation graphicsB. Indigenous processorC. SpreadsheetD. Database management
Most applications use a(n) _______ that screens graphical facets called symbols to represent familiar objects.Answers:A. Combined packageB. Dialog boxC. Graphical user interfaceD. Food selection button
This GUI consists of tabs, groups, and galleries.Answers:A. Character-basedB. RibbonC. ContextualD. Dialog
Web authoring programs that allow you to construct a web page without communicating directly through HTML password are recognized as _______.Answers:A. WYSIWYG editorsB. FlashC. AnimationsD. Cell phone apps
The digital equivalent of a file cabinet is a _______.Answers:A. DatabaseB. Indigenous processorC. SpreadsheetD. Query
These are dedicated graphics program for modifying or editing digital photographs.Answers:A. Photo editorsB. Desktop publishingC. Presentation graphicsD. Illustrations
Which of the adhering to programs would be supplied to create a website?Answers:A. Picture editorB. IllustrationC. Desktop publishingD. Web authoring
Which would certainly be the many appropriate form of applications to create, analyze, and also forecast budgets?Answers:A. DBMSB. Word processorC. SpreadsheetD. Presentation graphics
_______ comprise the an easy structure the a relational database through columns containing field data and rows containing record information.Answers:A. QR codesB. TablesC. FieldsD. Workbooks
Which that the complying with is no a renowned cloud suite or virtual office suite?Answers:A. Google DocsB. ZohoC. Microsoft Office internet AppsD. Lotus Symphony
_______ provide added information and also request user input.Answers:A. Dialog boxesB. WindowsC. ToolbarsD. Ribbons
This is a website that provides access to certain mobile apps that can be downloaded either because that a nominal dues or complimentary of charge.Answers:A. QR storeB. CloudC. App storeD. Mobile store
These program are supplied to create and also edit vector images.Answers:A. Illustration programsB. Photograph editorsC. Presentation graphicsD. Photo galleries
Programs that allow you to mix text and also graphics and also focus top top flexible web page design and layout.Answers:A. DatabasesB. Desktop publishingC. Native processorsD. Image galleries
Image editors modify images consists of countless pixels that kind this type of image.Answers:A. VectorB. BitmapC. ObjectD. Electronic

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