“The Farmer in the Dell” is one of the oldest and most renowned nursery rhymes about the world.

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The indigenous dell defines a small wooded valley.

The rhyme has been translated in various languages like English, French, Romanian or Thai, when the German variation of the tune “Es fuhr ein Bau’r ins Holz” is the original one, dating back to 1820s Germany.

“The Farmer in the Dell” as a game

The Farmer in the Dell is additionally a really popular to sing game, being played by a group of children, generally nine. The video game can be adapted by an altering the variety of the characters in the song.

How to play:

At the begining one kids will be choosed to be the farmer and he wil stand up in the middle of a circle created by the others. They will dance about him singing the very first stanza of the song.

The farmer in the dell The farmer in the dell Heigh-ho,the derry-o The farmer in the dell

At “The farmer bring away a wife” city the “farmer” will need to choose, without looking a “wife” from the group of to dance players. The 2 kids, the “farmer” and the “wife” will certainly stay currently together in the middle, stop hands and also forming another circle.

The game proceed singing the next stanza, the main circle of youngsters dancing about the small circle.

The farmer bring away a wife The farmer takes a wife Heigh-ho, the derry-o The farmer takes a wife

At “The wife takes the child” city the farmer and also the wife will choose again another player as the “child” who will go along with them in the middle, forming a larger circle.

The game finishes through “The cheese stand alone” verse as soon as the last kids will remain external of the interiour circle. He will certainly be the farmer in the next round the the game.

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*Tip: when the internal circle will end up being larger 보다 the exterior one, the youngsters from outside can run in a semicircle.

“The Farmer in the Dell” Lyrics

The farmer in the dellThe farmer in the dellHeigh-ho,the derry-oThe farmer in the dell

The farmer takes a wifeThe farmer take away a wifeHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe farmer takes a wife

The wife takes the childThe wife takes the childHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe wife takes the child

The son takes the nurseThe son takes the nurseHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe kid takes the nurse

The nurse takes the cowThe nurse bring away the cowHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe nurse bring away the cow

The cow bring away the dogThe cow takes the dogHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe cow bring away the dog

The dog take away the catThe cow takes the dogHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe cow bring away the dog

The cat takes the mouseThe cat take away the mouseHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe cat takes the mouse

The computer mouse takes the cheeseThe computer mouse takes the cheeseHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe mouse takes the cheese

The cheese stands aloneThe cheese was standing aloneHeigh-ho, the derry-oThe cheese stand alone