Built adhering to the battle of 1812, and still not completely finished through 1861, the fort is located in Charleston Harbor, SC. Fort Sumter is ideal remembered for the fight of fort Sumter, where the an initial shots the the civil battle were fired. Once the Confederate states of America took manage of Charleston Harbor, they quickly aimed costal guns on the fort, and also fired. ~ the battle, 4 much more states seceeded, and their was more support for military action.

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was an increased import tariff in the joined States, adopted on march 2, 1861, during the management of chairman James Buchanan, a Democrat.
There were four slave states that remained in the Union because of the assurances that the battle was being combated to maintain the Union rather than finish slavery. These 4 border claims were Missouri, Delaware, Kentucky, and Maryland. Maryland was the crucial state for the north to save in the Union.

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Name for Union record money not backed by gold or silver. Value would fluctuate depending upon status the the war
Union warship stopped a British ship on means to England and also arrested 2 Confederate diplomats-James Mason and also John SlidellBritain all set for war versus US-sent troops to CanadaLincoln determined to release Confederates since he go not want to struggle a 2 front warHe claimed Captain of Union ship acted there is no orders
1837, developed by Cyrus McCormick a an equipment that cut grain.Farmers could dual crop size and cut serial quickly. McCormick"s innovation that vastly enhanced the efficiency of the American serial farmer
Jefferson Davis to be the chairman of the southern Confederate claims from 1860 to 1865 after ~ their succession from the Union. During this time, Davis struggled to kind a solid government for the claims to be governed by. Jefferson Davis operated hard through solidating the polite government and also carrying out military operations. POLITICAL.


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