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Sikhism, religion and also philosophy started in the Punjab an ar of the Indian subcontinent in the so late 15th century. That is members are recognized as Sikhs. The Sikhs call their faith Gurmat (Punjabi: “the means of the Guru”). According to Sikh tradition, Sikhism was established by Guru Nanak (1469–1539) and subsequently led by a sequence of nine other Gurus. All 10 human Gurus, Sikhs believe, were inhabited by a solitary spirit. Upon the fatality of the 10th, Guru Gobind singh (1666–1708), the spirit of the eternal Guru transferred itself come the spiritual scripture that Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib (“The Granth as the Guru”), additionally known together the Adi Granth (“First Volume”), which after that was related to as the sole Guru. In the at an early stage 21st century over there were almost 25 million Sikhs worldwide, the an excellent majority the them living in the Indian state that Punjab.

The following discussion of the resides of the 10 Gurus depends on the traditional Sikh account, most facets of which are obtained from hagiographic legend and lore and cannot be verified historically. This suggest should it is in borne in psychic throughout, particularly in the sections on the beforehand Gurus.

History and doctrine

Sikh in Punjabi way “learner,” and also those that joined the Sikh community, or Panth (“Path”), were people who sought spiritual guidance. Sikhs case that their tradition has constantly been different from Hinduism. Nevertheless, plenty of Western scholars argue the in its earliest stage Sikhism was a movement within the Hindu tradition; Nanak, they point out, was increased a Hindu and also eventually belonged to the Sant legacy of northern India, a movement linked with the great poet and mystic Kabir (1440–1518). The Sants, many of whom were poor, dispossessed, and also illiterate, composed hymns of great beauty expressing their endure of the divine, which they saw in every things. Their tradition drew heavily ~ above the Vaishnava bhakti (the devotional movement within the Hindu legacy that worships the god Vishnu), though over there were vital differences in between the two. Favor the followers of bhakti, the Sants thought that devotion to God is vital to liberation native the bicycle of rebirth in i m sorry all people are trapped; uneven the pendant of bhakti, however, the Sants preserved that God is nirgun (“without form”) and also not sagun (“with form”). Because that the Sants, God can be no incarnated nor represented in concrete terms.

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Certain lesser influences additionally operated top top the sant movement. Chief amongst them to be the Nath tradition, which consisted of a cluster of sects, every claiming descent from the semilegendary teacher Gorakhnath and all promoting Hatha Yoga as the way of spirituality liberation. Back the Sants rejected the physical elements of Hatha Yoga in favour that meditation techniques, they accepted the Naths’ concept of spiritual ascent to ultimate bliss. Part scholars have said that the Sants were influenced by Islam v their contact with the Mughal rulers of India from the beforehand 16th century, yet there is in fact tiny indication that this, despite Sufism (Islamic mysticism) may have had a marginal effect.