Comic Mint’s arsenal of limited Edition Artwork and original pencil drawings from TV’s most dysfunctional family,Family Guy, is 2nd to none. Created by Seth MacFarlane, the hilarious man sitcom attributes classic characters such as Peter, Stewie, Lois and Brian Griffen add to many an ext favourites from Quahog, Rhode Island.

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Episode: "The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair"Original production DrawingSize: 14" x 9.5"inches (unframed)Produced By: twentieth Century FoxOriginal Airdate: march 6th, 2011 (Season 9)Worldwide Shipping (FedEx): $30 USD

Item Code: FG-F3924

COMMENTSComic Mint is your best resource for 100% genuine family members GUY animation Artwork licensed by twenty Century Fox. We are pleased to offer household Guy fans this outstanding original production illustration featuring a vast image of evil Stewie from the standard season nine illustration "The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair" (2011).This is a one-of-a-kind piece that was provided in the making of this family Guy episode. This illustration measures 9.5 customs by 14 inches vast and has the three-peg punch holes, and bears the twentieth Century Fox gold seal (lower corner). The artwork is accompanied by the initial Twentieth Century Fox certificate of authenticity and is in fantastic condition.

We have actually also provided a screenshot of the step to show as referral where this scene illustration was used in the make of this episode, which appears on screen around the 10:38 mark.

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EPISODE SYNOPSIS:"The Hand the Rocks the Wheelchair" is the 12th episode of the 9th season the the animated comedy collection Family Guy. It initially aired on Fox in the United says on in march 6th, 2011.This episode complies with high college student Meg as she attempts come look after her handicapped neighbor, Joe, after ~ his wife, Bonnie, has to leave town temporarily come visit she ailing father. Meg soon becomes infatuated with Joe, however, causing him to come to be nervous, and approach Meg"s parents. Meanwhile, baby Stewie inadvertently clones a important evil version of himself that rampages through Quahog prior to ultimately attempting to kill Stewie and his humanlike dog Brian.


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