What are instances of hyperbole, flashback, complete circle, repetition, usage of 5 senses, and onomatopoeia in The home on Mango Street?
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The following references are examples of figurative language and other literary tools in The home on Mango Street:

Hyperbole is provided in the thing "And some More" once Nenny talks around snow. She claims that "here are a million zillion kinds" of snow which is one exaggeration of reality.


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The following references are examples of figurative language and also other literary tools in The house on Mango Street:

Hyperbole is used in the chapter "And part More" when Nenny talks about snow. She says that "here room a million zillion kinds" of eye which is one exaggeration the reality.

At the beginning of the story, Esperanza flashes ago to various other places where the family has lived: "Once when we were living top top Loomis. . . ." Esperanza walk on to comment on this suffer that happened in the previous at her old home.

Onomatopoeia is used in the thing "Hips" when the girl play jump-rope games. Esperanza describes the rope as "tick-ticking" which characterizes the sound the the rope makes once it hits the ground.

By the end of the story, the narrative has actually come full circle: Esperanza at the start of the story moves onto Mango Street complete of hope the is quickly crushed, and at the end of the story she desire to relocate away to conserve herself and others.

In the an initial chapter that the novel "The house on Mango Street," Esperanza recalls the time when the nun doubted where she lives. She points to the house and also the nun says, "There?" Esperanza repeats the word, and then the narrator repeats words "there" a couple of times. The repetition reinforces the bad nature the the house and also Esperanza"s embarrassment end living there.

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Finally, imagery relates come the five senses and may be uncovered in descriptions that relate come sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste. In "The Earl of Tennessee," Esperanza defines the sound that Earl"s automobile when he return home: 

First the click and whine the the auto door opening, then the scrape that concrete, the excited tinkling of dog tags, adhered to by the hefty jingling of keys, and also finally the moan of the wood door as it opens and also lets loose its sight of dampness.