31 Knights of Halloween: "13 Ghosts" (component 3)

Viewing the film Thir13en Ghosts with a psychiatrist's lens, component 3

Posted October 28, 2018


Thirteen Ghosts entries> Thirteen Ghosts (Thir13en Ghosts) is a remake of the 1960 horror film, 13 Ghosts, created by Robb White. When the original film premiered, scenes entailing ghosts were displayed in Illusion-O: audiences obtained viewers through red and also blue cellophane filters, giving them a choice to see the ghosts (look with the red filter) or not (blue filter “removed” the ghosts).

When his eccentric uncle dies, Arthur Kriticos moves his household right into a bequeathed mansion haunted by malevolent ghosts. There is literally risk around eexceptionally corner, as the spells that save the ghosts at bay are damaged, unleashing the 12 tortured souls onto their brand-new landlord and his household.

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How it relates to the field of psychiatry

The film enables for the conversation of Antisocial Personality Disorder from 12 converging perspectives, each explained by the biographies of the 12 ghosts of the babsence zodiac. Today, we’ll analyze the final 3 ghosts.

10. The Hammer

Biography: The Hammer is the gorganize of George Markley, a blacksmith that was wrongcompletely accoffered of stealing. A gang led by his accuser hanged his wife and also youngsters and also melted their bodies. George killed his accuser through his sledgehammer. He was then subjected to a cruel form of “frontier justice,” being chained to a tree and also executed by having railroad spikes thrust into his body. The mob then reduced off his hand also and attached the sledgehammer to the wrist. His gorganize is viewed through the railroad spikes protruding from his body and also a sledgehammer for a left hand.

Links to psychiatry: Candyman (1992)

Both “The Hammer” and also Candymale myths are about Afrihave the right to Americans wrongfully accoffered, persecuted by a mob, killed, with their hands cut off and also reput by weapons. Hence, both are social warnings about revenge (taken by those wrongcompletely accused), and as metropolitan legends, help a culture lfinish explacountry to random occasions of violence.

11. The Jackal

Biography: The Jackal is the ghold of Ryan Kuhn. Born to a prostitute in 1887, Ryan started attacking prostitutes by his early on adult years. He was committed to Borinlumber Asylum where he periburned in a suspicious fire. His ghost is in his undone strait-jacket with his head locked in a damaged cage.

Links to psychiatry: Charles Manson

Ryan Kuhn is The Jackal, the Manson heart, aptly named provided his mutual developmental history via Charles Manson. Hence, the 11th ghost represents major Antisocial Personality Disorder and sociopathy.

12. The Juggernaut

Biography: The Juggernaut is the ghold of a serial killer named Horace “Breaker” Mahoney. Standing salso feet tall, Mahoney “went mad” following the fatality of his parental fees, picking up female hitchhikers and also tearing them apart via his bare hands. One day, he picked up an undercover female police officer, that dubbed for backup, bringing in a SWAT team that took Horace down in a hail of bullets. His ghold mirrors bullet holes almost everywhere his clothing, and also the round that finimelted him, in the center of his forehead.

Links to psychiatry: Edmund Kemper

As imposing serial killers go, Breaker Mahoney is the soul of the “Co-ed Butcher,” Ed Kemper. Standing 6 ft 9 in and weighing around 280 pounds, Kemper killed 10 world, 1 much less than his fictional equivalent. Much choose our 11th gorganize, Mahoney depicts significant Antisocial Personality Disorder and also sociopathy.


Anthony Tobia, M.D.

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, presently holds titles of Professor of Psychiaattempt and also Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnboy Medical School.





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