What The Unmade Brendan Fraser The Mummy 4 Would have actually Been about Before attempting the Dark Universe v Tom Cruise"s reboot, global planned ~ above The Mummy 4 with Brendan Fraser fighting mummies in southern America.

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global failed come kickstart the Dark Universe with 2017’s The Mummy reboot, having previously abandoned plans because that The Mummy 4 starring Brendan Fraser that promised a more engaging story. V the Mission: Impossible movies proceeding to thrive at package office, it’s easy to view why Universal brought in Tom Cruise to headline their potential brand-new franchise. However, Cruise is definitely no Fraser, and also the reboot to be devoid of the charm and old-school fun that make the movie together a lovely blockbuster.

Director Stephen Sommers changed Universal’s standard 1932 The Mummy, offering an Indiana Jones-style adventure that effectively paid homage come its monster movie root while injecting loads of tongue-in-cheek humor. Released in 1999, the film to be an instant box office success, and also the 2001 sequel The Mummy Returns was rapidly greenlit. While inferior to the original, the second installment was still hugely popular, v a 3rd movie eventually getting here seven years later.

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The Mummy: dig of the Dragon Emperor from 2008 is the critical audiences observed of adventurer rick O’Connell (Fraser) prior to the franchise to be rebooted with Cruise, female mummy Sofia Boutella, and a modern setting. However, the wasn’t constantly the plan. Global was once arising a fourth movie the would have seen the O’Connell clan take trip to southern America, only for waning interest and also their desire for a connected universe to derail the project. Little is known about the suggest fourth entry past the premise and working title, The Mummy: rise of the Aztec, according to Film Stories. Antonio reversal was come play the villain, proceeding an eclectic roster of undead opponents following Arnold Vosloo’s Imhotep, Dwayne Johnson’s Scorpion King, and Jet Li’s Dragon Emperor.

Rick, Evie, and also Jonathan with a coffin: The Mummy 1999
while story details room scarce, it’s a for sure bet there would have actually been many of southern American mummies and also some type of old curse. Fraser to be to when again command the sequel, accompanied by man Hannah as the just two original actors members to show up in every entry. Meanwhile, Maria Bello and Luke Ford were to reprise their duties of excavator Evelyn and also son Alex, having actually previously replaced Rachel Weisz and Freddie Boath because that Tomb that the Dagon Emperor. In fact, both actors to be contracted because that multiple films. Universal plainly had no intentionally of finishing the franchise, resulting in a mild surprise when they at some point canceled the sequel.

Still, yes no telling just how The Mummy 4 would have been received. If Stephen Sommers showed creative flair on the an initial two movies, rob Cohen command The Mummy 3 and plan on proceeding with the franchise. The return of Bello and Ford may also have verified futile since neither make a strong impression in their very first outing. Rachel Weisz to be sorely missed, with Tomb the the Dragon Emperor’s Evelyn feeling like a totally different character. Bello may have seemed favor a worthy instead of in theory, however she and Fraser short the very same chemistry. Regardless of these factors, external concerns intervened. Alongside the an unfavorable reception to the 3rd movie, Universal’s various other monster reboots The Wolfman and Dracula Untold failed to spark interest.

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With included pressure because that bigger revenue and also an over-eagerness to replicate Marvel v their own common universe, universal abandoned the Fraser-era movie to start afresh. Tom Cruise’s The Mummy was criticized because that being a glum retread the earlier, better movies, yet The Mummy 4 could have put a new spin top top the franchise. In spite of revealing his many bodily injuries and challenge filming the third movie, Fraser has confirmed he would certainly happily return as Rick O’Connell. This may just be wishful thinking, however it’s not too late for global to revisit their original winning formula.

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