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typical wattage the 3 ft. Fluorescent tube is

(A) 10 W

(B) 40 W

(C) 65 W

(D) 100 W.

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17. because that the very same wastage which lamp is cheapest ?

(A) salt vapor lamp

(B) Mercury vapor lamp

(C) Fluorescent pipe

(D) GLS lamps.

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18. Optical instruments used because that the to compare of candle strength of various sources arc known as

(A) Candle meter

(B) Radio meters

(C) Bunsen meter

(D) photograph meter.

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19. i m sorry photometer is supplied for to compare the lights of various colors ?

(A) Bunson photometer

(B) Grease spot photometer

(C) Lummer Brodhum photometer

(D) Guilds Flicker Photometer.

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20. which photometer counts for its operation on Lambert"s cosine legislation ?

(A) Macbeth lllumino meter

(B) Trotter Illumination Photometer

(C) Lummer Brodhum Photometer

(C) Guild"s Flicker Photometer.

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21. i beg your pardon photometer relies for its operation on train station Square regulation ?

(A) Guilds Flicker Photometer

(B) Lummer Brodhum Photometer

(C) Macbeth llluminometer

(D) Trotter Illumination Photometer.

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22. The color temperature of day irradiate is roughly

(A) 50 K

(B) 160 K

(C) 600 K

(D) 6000 K.

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23. light is developed in electrical discharge lamps through

(A) heating result of current

(B) magnetic impact of current

(C) ionization in a gas or vapor

(D) carbon electrodes.

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24. Lumen/watt is the unit the

(A) light flux

(B) Luminous soot

(C) Brightness

(D) Luminous efficiency.

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25. Candela is-the unit because that

(A) light flux

(B) Luminous intensity

(C) Brightness

(D) Luminous efficiency.

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26. i m sorry gas is occasionally used in filament lamps ?

(A) Argon

(B) Krypton

(C) Nitrogen

(D) Carbon dioxide.

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27. Which bulb operates on lowest power ?

(A) Night bulb

(B) Neon pear

(C) GLS bulb

(D) Torch bulb.

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28. The calculation of a tungsten filament lamp relies on

(A) dimension of lamp

(B) size of shell

(C) temperature that filament

(D) all of the above.

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29. A zero watt lamp consumes

(A) no strength

(B) about 5 to 7 W strength

(C) about 15 come W strength

(D) about 25 come 30 W power.

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melt temperature the tungsten is

(A) 2000°K

(B) 2500°K


(D) 3655°K.

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16.B -----17.D ----- 18.D ----- 19.D ----- 20.B ----- 21.C ----- 22.D ----- 23.C -----24.D -----25.B -----26.A ----- 27.D -----28.C -----29.B ----- 30.D
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