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The job of the mainly is no directly stated in S.E. Hinton"s novel The Outsiders, but enough clues are offered to do a reasonable inference. 

The book opens with Ponyboy walking home from the movies. That is assaulted by the Socs, and no time frame is offered for when...

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The work of the mainly is no directly proclaimed in S.E. Hinton"s novel The Outsiders, but enough hints are given to make a reasonable inference. 

The book opens with Ponyboy walking house from the movies. He is attacked by the Socs, and also no time structure is offered for as soon as this bring away place. Darry rescues him together with his various other brother Sodapop and also other members of their gang. In the complying with pages, the narrator that the book, Ponyboy, defines each that his friends and gives information about their background. 

On web page fourteen, Dallas Winston, known as Dally, announces the he"s going to the drive-in movie the complying with night, and wants to recognize if everyone else desires to go. No work is given, but due to the fact that Darry allows Ponyboy come go due to the fact that "it ain"t a institution night," Dally must be plan to go to the movie on one of two people a Friday or Saturday. The night they walk to the drive-in is the exact same night the there is a fight in between Johnny and Ponyboy and the Socs. The fight occurs because Johnny and Ponyboy have actually been socializing with two Soc girls, Cherry and also Marcia. Two-bit was v them, together well, however he left before the fight damaged out. Cherry is Bob"s girlfriend. Bob is a Soc.

The Socs space drunk when they attack Ponyboy and Johnny, and also they force Ponyboy"s head right into the fountain in the park. Johnny to trust they will drown Ponyboy, and also kills Bob v his switchblade. ~ the murder, Johhny and also Ponyboy find Dally for advice on what to execute next. Dally provides them a gun and fifty dollars and also tells them to hop a train to Windrixville, a neighboring town where there is an exit church they have the right to stay in. 

Five job later, Dally come to examine on them. 

On the fifth day, I had read up to Sherman"s siege top top Atlanta in Gone through the Wind, owed Johnny a hundred and fifty bucks indigenous poker games, smoked two packs the Camels, and, together Johnny predicted, obtained sick. I hadn"t eaten anything every day, and also smoking on an empty stomach doesn"t do you feel genuine great. I curled increase in a corner to sleep turn off the smoke. I was just around asleep once I heard, together if from a good distance, a lengthy low whistle that went off right into a suddenly high note.

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The whistler is Dally, who pertains to update them around what is going on. That takes them come Dairy Queen for some food, and also when they go back to Jay Mountain, the church is top top fire. 

If they went to the movie on a Friday night, lock would have saved the children from the fire top top a Tuesday. If it to be a Saturday night, lock would have saved the kids on a Wednesday.