Melody Nov 27, 2015

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The product of two consecutive also integers is 168. Find the integers.

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The positive set of correct answer is_12,14__.

(use acomma t different answers as needed.)

The an adverse set of exactly answer is -12,-14_.

(use a comma come seperate answers together needed)


Guest Nov 27, 2015
ideal Answer

Our guest answer is good but I will certainly just present you just how to carry out it formally,

Let the very first number it is in x

and the next even number will certainly be x+2



I want 2 numbers the multiply come -168 and include to 2

Since they multiply to a negative, one needs to be neg and also one pos

Since they include to a pos the "biggest" one is positive

factor(168) = (2^3*3)*7

168=2*2*2*3*7 = (2*2*3)*(2*7) = 12*14

so the numbers space 14 and -12


x=-14 or 12

so the integers space -14 and also -12


12 and also 14

just like our guest already said. :)

Melody Nov 27, 2015
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