Over three million high college students take it the Preliminary SAT/ nationwide Merit Scholarship Qualifying test (PSAT/NMSQT) every year. Prefer the SAT, the PSAT is design to measure the capability to understand and procedure elements of reading, writing, and also mathematics. Students take the PSAT/NMSQT in your junior year to identify National Merit scholarship eligibility and to prepare for the SAT.

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The College plank now likewise offers two PSAT variations: the PSAT 10 for sophmores, and the PSAT 8/9 because that freshmen and also eighth graders. These variations create score reports the measure students’ university readiness and skillsets. If the PSAT 10 shares the same format as the PSAT/NMSQT, the PSAT 8/9 is shorter and attributes less complicated content. Read more about the PSAT variations.

Test Format

The PSAT/NMSQT has undergone far-reaching changes in current years, including in that scoring mechanisms. Read an ext about PSAT scoring scales.

The test is composed of four sections:

The reading Test – 60 minutes, 47 questionsThe Writing and also Language test – 35 minutes, 44 questionsMath Test, No Calculator portion – 25 minutes, 17 questionsMath Test, Calculator portion – 45 minutes, 31 questions

The PSAT/NMSQT and also PSAT 10 both have a complete testing time that 2 hours and also 45 minutes. There are no speculative sections or unscored concerns on the PSAT.

The analysis Test

The reading Test is based on text passages, and all concerns are multiple an option with 4 answer choices. Some encompass informational graphic such together tables or charts, however this ar does not require any kind of math skills. The does no test prior understanding of certain topics—all the questions have the right to be answered making use of the analysis passage provided. The reading Test always includes the following:

One i from a classic or contemporary work that U.S. Or global literatureA passage about psychology, economics, sociology, or some various other social scienceTwo science passages that examine brand-new developments and also foundational principles in planet science, biology, chemistry, or physicsOne i or a pair of shorter passages from one of two people a U.S. Founding record or a worldwide text motivated by foundational government documents

The Writing and also Language Test

The brand-new Writing and Language check asks college student to think like editors by reading passages and identifying errors and weaknesses. All questions are based upon passages and also have multiple selection answers. Like the reading Test, some inquiries in this section have actually an accompanying graph or chart, but this ar does no require any kind of math. This section likewise does not test certain topics or contents knowledge. All of the information required to price the questions correctly is provided by the passage. The passages offered in this ar cover a wide variety of topics, consisting of history, society studies, science, and also the humanities.

The math Test

The math Test has actually been redesigned to incorporate two portions: one using a calculator, and one without. Both parts of the test emphasis in depth top top the three areas of math most widely used in many college majors and careers: algebra, problem solving and also data analysis, and manipulations of complex equations. As well as these three major areas, the math Test will also test students’ expertise of geometry, trigonometry, and also common theorems or formulas.

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While many of the concerns are multiple choice, the math Test includes 17 grid-in questions. Rather of choosing from a pre-provided perform of feasible answers, students need to solve the problem and also then get in the prize in the grid noted on their answer sheet.