Season 6 episode 7 - The an initial Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving through the Pilgrims

In this spoof of the miles Standish-John Alden-Priscilla Mullins legend, Red plays john in a broad, farcical manner, given to slapstick clumsiness and also cigar chomping anachronisms. The filmed top quality of the show cuts out most of the voluntary gags and also asides expected of Red. Air date : 20th-Nov-1956Read More

Season 6 illustration 8 - The Atomic seafarer

Air day : 27th-Nov-1956Read More

Season 6 illustration 9 - Clem walk Hollywood

Air day : 4th-Dec-1956Read More

Season 6 episode 10 - mountain Fernando Goes straight

Air date : 18th-Dec-1956Read More

Season 6 episode 11 - Resolutions

Air day : 1st-Jan-1957Read More

Season 6 illustration 12 - Freddie the counting

Air date : 8th-Jan-1957Read More

Season 6 episode 20 - Clem Strikes Oil

The Kadiddlehopper"s at very first dismayed in ~ the black color gooey stuff on your land learn that it is worth a fortune with which Clem provides to produce a financial realm that employs to do Daisy June a star for this reason she will marry him. Air day : 5th-Mar-1957Read More

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