Salt swamp is a biology that is situated in the coastal region. The is the biome which is intermediate between land and sea water. It is conquered by the salt tolerant plants such together grasses, shrubs and herbs. The transfers nutrient to the sea water.

The salinity in salt marshes deserve to vary transparent the day because the amount of salt water in a marsh depends upon s tides. The low and also high tides flood over the salt marsh the will affect the salinity the water in the salt marsh an ar and deserve to disturb the plant and also animal life which space not tolerant come drastic salt conditions.


B. The amount of salt water in a marsh relies upon s tides.

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-The salinity in salt marshes can vary throughout the day due to the fact that the lot of salt water in a marsh relies upon ocean tides. Salt marshes are found on low power coastlines.

-Salt marshes are seaside wetlands that room flooded and also drained by salt water carried in by the tides. They are marshy due to the fact that the soil might be written of deep mud and peat.


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The salinity in salt marshes can vary transparent the day since a. River flow transforms throughout t...
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