Spoiler alert: the shortest book of the scriptures is 3 John, just about 200 native long in its original Greek language.

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The bible is a pretty lengthy book, and that can give the impression that every publication of the holy bible is long, too.

But good news! no every book of the bible is so long. It has part tiny documents in it. In fact, the shortest publications of the scriptures are much shorter than this blog post.

The shortest books of the Bible

Here are the 5 shortest publications of the Bible, start with the really shortest. These measurements are by native in the initial languages. Every of these books is just one chapter long, and also would take it you a couple of minutes come read, tops:

I gained these native counts using Word perform in Logos holy bible Software. Again, this aren’t noted by English native count: this is from the underlying Greek and Hebrew.

“That’s a many work, dude! Why not just count the verses?”

Because verses vary in length, and also with such quick books, it’s best not to risk it. And also if us were going by city count, we’d be managing a various ordered list. Philemon has much more verses than Obadiah (the shortest publication in the Old Testament), but fewer words. Second John has actually fewer verses than 3rd John, but much more words. If us were walk by city count, we’d still understand the shortest books of the Bible, but we’d have actually them out of order.

Do you great you knew the scriptures better?


Read these books front-to-back

One that the best actions to form when examining the bible is to check out the entire book you’re working through within one sitting. It’s certainly helped me through this project.

Andy Naselli wrote a nice bit on this at the Desiring God blog:

Have you ever before read the Gospel according the Matthew straight through in one sitting? Or Romans? Or Job? Or Revelation? If not, you’re lacking out. That’s the means they’re expected to be read.

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He’s right. The Bible’s comprised of letters and stories and also oracles, but we often tend to treat it much more like a recommendation guide. Maybe that’s since the Bible’s so big—really, where room you going to uncover the time to review 150 Psalms?

Reading entire books of the scriptures at once can be a hard habit to acquire into, but starting with few of the shortest publications of the Bible might aid you get the cave of it.

And through the way, this blog article is weighing in at approximately 750 words, for this reason if you can read this sort of stuff, 3rd John, second John, and also Philemon will be no trouble at all! 

In fact, here’s a challenge: collection a timer because that 15 minutes and also read all 5 of these books. Not just will you have read five publications in one sitting, but you’ll be able to say you check out Obadiah—how many human being do you know who have the right to say that? (Probably not plenty of … it’s the the very least popular book of the Bible.)