“69” is a sex position involving simultaneous fellatio and also cunnilingus. The participants space inverted favor the number 6 and 9 in 69, for this reason the name.


“8 (ate) something” refers to cunnilingus, and is additionally a continuation of Drake’s “word that mouth” wordplay. Also, the square source of 69 is 8.30662386 for this reason Drake is mathematically correct.


“Work that out” method he’s talking around solving the previously mentioned square source problem but he’s also trying to “work out” a connection with this girl.

","markdown":"\"69\" is a sex position including simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus. The participants are inverted prefer the number 6 and 9 in 69, hence the name.\n\n\"8 (ate) something\" describes cunnilingus, and is additionally a extension of Drake's \"word that mouth\" wordplay. Also, the square root of 69 is 8.30662386 so Drake *is* mathematically correct.\n\n\"Work it out\" way he's talking around solving the previously mentioned square root problem but he's likewise trying to \"work out\" a connection with this girl."},"comment_count":0,"community":true,"created_at":1289356750,"custom_preview":null,"deleted":false,"embed_content":"The square root of sixty-nine is eight somethin', right? 'Cause I've to be tryna work it out, oh― Rihanna (Ft. Drake) – What's mine Name?","has_voters":true,"id":52654,"needs_exegesis":false,"pinned":false,"proposed_edit_count":0,"pyongs_count":2,"referent_id":52654,"share_url":"https://historicsweetsballroom.com/52654","source":null,"state":"accepted","twitter_share_message":"““69” is a sex position including simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus. The participants are inverted li…” —

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