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ArtistThe Temptations
22 march 1965
3.59 / 5.00.5 indigenous 414 ratings
#164 because that 1965


schicken46 Apr 08 2020 3.00 stars
The Temptations' 2nd album has a pair of really iconic songs and also an all at once quality of material that ns feel choose is relatively uncommon in Motown records. (That opinion isn't the most informed, however I have actually listened come the weird Motown.) however there space some problems with the record, too.As the location implies, all the songs are at least co-written by Smokey Robinson (who additionally produced). However some the the songs to be written explicitly for the group and some weren't. And, together a kid oldies listener, I deserve to tell you somewhat definitely that your versions are not always better. I think particularly of "You to win Me come the Punch" - from memory ns think the mary Wells version is a many better, despite I need to admit ns haven't consciously listened come her version in decades. And also did we really need an additional version that "You've Really acquired a organize on Me"? Is this version really preferable to the Miracles' variation or the Beatles'? (Not to mine ears.)This usage of old Smokey Robinson tunes suggests that possibly there wasn't enough material to walk around. Nowhere is that much more clear than v the opening track, the Temptations standard "The method You perform the things You Do" which is also the command track of...wait for it...their debut album, exit a year earlier. Music labels had actually just zero respect for your customers ago then. For fuck's sake.Everything is well done. The singers space compelling and we can understand why "My Girl" in certain has stood the check of time. But though the top quality of the product is much better than some modern-day records, few of the songs are unnecessary. And, include to the the reality that I find Motown together a preeminence to be overproduced, and also I can't say ns am a huge fan the this. I lot prefer whereby The Temptations go in the 1970s, also if I've omitted Psychedelic Shack native this illustration of the podcast.
hellaguru might 23 2016 4.00 stars
A complement made in pop soul heaven. Smokey was probably Motown's best songwriter and The Temptations to be undeniably Motown's greatest group and ol' Smokey wrote many of his best songs specifically for them. No duffers here but the best cuts space "My Girl", "The method You execute The things You Do" and "It's Growing".
micahwimmer january 20 2016 3.50 stars
Some great Songs, some Unnecessary Covers

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In 1964, Motown to be desperate to rotate The Temptations into stars. Motown head Berry Gordy knew the talent was there, but they had actually had limited chart success approximately that point. Their first album, released earlier that year, just reached 95 on the pop chart and also failed to graph at all on the R&B chart. While they had actually released number of singles in the previous couple of years, only one had also charted top top the R&B chart, peaking in ~ 22, one unimpressive placing in the eye of Gordy, that wanted nothing much less than one empire. In what would become one the the better moves in the background of Motown, and also popular music at large, Gordy made decision to put the fate the the Temptations in the hand of Smokey Robinson, command singer of the Miracles and writer of plenty of of Motown's best hits approximately that point, an especially ones for mary Wells such together "Two Lovers," "The One that Really Loves You," "You to win Me come the Punch," and also "My Guy." Additionally, Al Bryant, already frustrated v the group's lack of advertisement success, was fired indigenous the group after hitting fellow Temptation Paul Williams top top the head through a be afflicted with bottle. This brought about David Ruffin authorized the team as his replacement, one auspicious decision.David Ruffin sings lead on "My Girl," a tune written especially for him. The would become the group's an initial top ten single on one of two people the pop or R&B charts, reaching the height spot ~ above both. If "My Girl" is such a fixture of the popular landscape the its greatness can conveniently be taken for granted, when one sits and also really listens come it, its power is undeniable end fifty year later. That three note bass line, add by the short guitar line and the sound that snapping finger constitute among the most recognizable, and perfect, intros in the history of famous music. And also then David Ruffin comes in with one of the more plaintive and also restrained vocal deliveries of his entire career. While that does not contain the emotional tumult the define many of his best performances, nobody are much more pure or beautiful 보다 this. The text are complete of the analogies and also metaphors the characterize Smokey Robinson's work - "I've obtained so lot honey, the bees envy me," etc. - yet their simplicity belies a charm the greater intricacy would undercut. The horns and strings that appear are an excellent accoutrements, highlighting the feeling of joy present in Ruffin's voice. It's one of the most sublime performances in the background of renowned music; top top relistening, it's ubiquity appears earned. While no one of the album's various other performances rather reach the perfection of "My Girl," the entire first side is full of indelible performances. Ruffin gives an equally motivated performance top top "It's Growing" and Eddie Kendricks' falsetto is perfectly suited for "The means You do the points You Do," the group's first hit, and "What Love has Joined Together," when Paul Williams and also Melvin Franklin execute a more than serviceable job on "You'll shed a priceless Love." The record's 2nd side seems a bit an ext perfunctory though. While the very first side was complete of monitor written clearly for the Temptations, the second consists of the Temptations to sing songs initially performed by the Miracles, and one by mary Wells. When Ruffin to add a higher sense that anguish come "Who's Lovin' You" than current in the Miracles' initial version, the remainder of the songs, while worth listening to, make you wonder their purpose apart from come fill out the record, ensuring that all its song were written by Smokey Robinson. Even with Paul Williams doing a very an excellent job with Mary Wells' "You beat Me to the Punch," it registers together little more than a curiosity, fallout’s far brief of the near-perfection of Wells' original. They are all precious listening to for the avid Temptations fan, however far native essential. In a sense, this document serves as a warm-up because that the Temptations. Working straight with Robinson, and also with a promotional press by Berry Gordy, a many what is gift done right here is seeing what works and what doesn't, leading to the more concentrated, focused efforts that would certainly follow. The Temptations song Smokey mirrors the group discovering your voice and also what is many impressive below is how stunning those voices already were at this early stage, together this record includes a couple of performances that are among the ideal of your career. That is the an initial record exit by the lineup known as the standard Five, and also hearing several of the song here, the is clear how they acquired that moniker.