"The treasure of Lemon Brown" by Walter Dean Myers is a story about Greg Ridley, who starts off having actually a poor day. Doing poorly in ~ school, he is positive his dad is going come tell him he can’t play basketball because that the team through whom he’s been dreaming of playing. Two nights after ~ Mr. Ridley banishes Greg come his room come study, Greg decides to leave the house and also just obtain away. That goes to an exit warehouse, whereby he meets Lemon Brown. Through his interactions v Lemon, Greg starts to reflect on his life.

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The treasure of Lemon Brown SummaryGreg Ridley is failing math. His principal sends residence a letter to his dad saying that he’s in hazard of failing. Greg’s dad provides him a lecture and also tells him he is stunner if the thinks he is going come play basketball with grades like that. He sends out Greg to his room come “hit the books.” Greg is devastated since playing for the Scorpions Community facility team is an extremely important come him.

Sitting in his room, listening come a storm in the distance, Greg start thinking around a pickup video game he’d seen a while back in an abandoned warehouse. That decides to walk there in the wishes of getting into a game. Once he it s okay to the warehouse, he enters and looks around. It is dark with just the irradiate from a few passing cars. Greg is mindful of other in the room with him, and is scared. All of sudden Lemon Brown speak up, speak he doesn’t have anything because that him, and that he has actually a razor that could cut him up. They wind up talk for a while. Greg wants to know about Lemon’s supposed treasure. Lemon doesn’t have time to describe to him.

A team of thugs come in and also toss the room, searching for Lemon and his “treasure.” Lemon and also Greg quietly operation from room to room, hiding. Suddenly, together they space trapped in one upstairs room, Greg howls favor a wolf. Lemon throws himself at the attackers at the top of the stairs, and also they every tumble down the stairs. Just Lemon returns, though he is bumped and also bruised.Greg and Mr. Brown begin talking. Lemon tells Greg that his past accomplishments as “Sweet Lemon Brown - Blues Singer and also Harmonica Player.” the been fairly famous. The had likewise had a wife and also son, but when his mam died, his sister-in-law took the young in. Lemon didn’t yes, really see lot of the after that. His play wasn’t as good, once he shed his reason for playing.

Then he discovered out that his son had actually gone turn off to war and also died. As soon as they discovered his body, the was transferring his dad’s old “mouth fiddle and also these clippings” of as soon as Lemon had played. That had actually been his young treasure, and also when Lemon acquired them ago and realized that his boy loved him enough to bring them all over he went, the clippings became his treasure. Lemon also says that every man has a treasure. Through the thugs chased off, and Lemon’s story told, the rain ends and also Lemon speak Greg he must be on his means home. Greg agrees and also walks home. When he will his stoop, the thinks about the class his dad is walk to provide him. Somehow, it provides him smile. He has actually learned something essential from Lemon. He has actually a new appreciation for his dad, and all his dad does for him.

necessary Questions for "The endowment of Lemon Brown"What is really necessary to you?What is treasure? walk it always have to it is in valuable? which are much more important: items v sentimental value or items with financial value?
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