2) human beings are bothA) heterotrophs and also consumers.B) heterotrophs and autotrophs.C) producers and also consumers.D) autotrophs and producers.

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4) A steed eating some hay is an instance of ______.A) one autotroph eating a producerB) an autotroph eating a consumerC) a consumer eating a producerD) a consumer eating a heterotroph
6) The waste products of moving respiration incorporate ______.A) water onlyB) carbon dioxide onlyC) water and also carbon dioxideD) water and glucose
7) plant cells ______.A) execute not require chloroplasts since their mitochondria fulfill their power needsB) have actually chloroplasts and mitochondriaC) use carbon dioxide but do not use oxygenD) perform not require mitochondria because their chloroplasts fulfill their power needs
11) Respiration defines the exchange that gases between your blood and the external air. Moving respiration ______.A) to produce ATPB) to produce oxygenC) to produce glucoseD) provides carbon dioxide
12) i m sorry of this equations defines aerobic to move respiration?A) glucose → lactic mountain + energyB) energy + carbon dioxide + water → glucose + oxygen + waterC) glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water + energyD) no one of the above
20) which of the following is the exactly sequence of stages in moving respiration?A) glycolysis, citric mountain cycle, electron carry B) citric acid cycle, glycolysis, electron transportC) citric acid cycle, electron transport, glycolysisD) electron transport, glycolysis, citric mountain cycle



Fundamentals the Biochemistry: Life at the molecular Level5th EditionCharlotte W. Pratt, Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet

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