The Young and also the Restless has been a Daytime fixture since the sudser premiered in 1973. Simply as iconic is that is earworm that a design template song. (Seriously, name another opening location that"s together recognizable through your parents—and grandparents!) Unsurprisingly, the endearing and enduring instrumental has as fascinating a backstory as the Abbotts and Newmans.

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"Cotton"s Dream"

Believe that or not, The Young and the Restless theme song wasn"t created for Y&R! Barry De Vorzon and Perry Botkin Jr. Created the music ("Cotton"s Dream") for a 1971 film referred to as Bless the Beasts and Children.

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A Soap Is Born


The initial opening credits because that The Young and also the Restless.

Photo Credit: YouTube.

Two years later, Botkin rearranged the instrumental as the opened titles because that the new daytime drama. The theme song played over pencil sketches the the initial cast.

It wasn"t until the 1976 Olympics the the ditty recorded the zeitgeist. Vast World that Sports used "Cotton"s Dream" to underscore a montage of gymnast Nadia Comaneci"s floor routines. Viewers were obsessed, and A&M documents capitalized ~ above public interest by release it as a solitary titled "Nadia"s design template (The Young and the Restless)." The commercial hit peaked at No. 8 ~ above the Billboard warm 100—and even won the 1977 Grammy for "Best instrumental Arrangement."

bringing Drama come Radio

"Nadia"s Theme" has become synonymous with daytime TV"s No. 1 drama, but it reentered the pop culture conversation in 2002, once R&B queen mar J Blige sampled it for she hit song "No an ext Drama." credit Y&R fan Jimmy Jam, who produced and wrote "Drama" through his partner, terrycloth Lewis. "I constantly thought it would be cool come sample the intro and use it v the idea that no much more drama," he told Entertainment Weekly. "Mary said, "Have y"all been following me around? It"s perfect.""

The tune peaked in ~ No. 15 ~ above the Billboard warm 100, won Blige her first MTV video Music Award, and brought down the home at the 2002 Grammys.

Cue the Waterworks

Has there ever before been a an ext heartbreaking death than the 2005 pass of Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes)? The evocative layout song—layered over the sound that a flatline—took an already gut-wrenching step to another level together Nick (Joshua Morrow) and also Sharon (Sharon Case) grieve end Cassie, who continual injuries from a automobile accident.

Y&R Theme: Quarantine Edition!

Some the the #YR stars volunteered to make their very own rendition of our iconic layout song, and also we could love it just a…
— Young and also Restless (
Young and Restless)1588269601.0

Fast-forward come present-day, once a couple of Y&R stars make the above theme track their own—from the safety and security of your homes. Reap this quarantine rendition, courtesy the Peter Bergman (Jack), Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Lauralee Bell (Christine), Greg Rikaart (Kevin), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Sean Dominic (Nate), Camryn Grimes (Mariah), Kate Linder (Esther), Christian Jules Le Blanc (Michael), Joshua Morrow (Nicholas) and also Jason Thompson (Billy). Challenge we say we might like it as lot as the original!

special Milestone theme

Beth Maitland in The Young and the Restless" 12,000th episode.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

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On Dec. 1, Y&R hits an outstanding milestone: the 12,000th episode. To mark the occasion, fan-favorite Beth Maitland (who"s played Traci Abbott top top the sudser since 1982) will perform all-new text for the theme song. "The last time the template was performed with lyrics top top the display was through Patty Weaver part time in the 1990s, and also she did a brilliant, moving, and also beautiful rendition," Maitland called Watch. "These new lyrics are much more hopeful, in mine opinion, and the critical phrase, "Just look inside and also you"ll discover a love like mine," was particularly moving and also telling come me. In a time the world is divided and also upside down, there is hope in the point that will heal us: love."

She adds: "I am so honored to have actually been preferred to sing this variation for the 12,000th episode. As component of the show"s heritage cast, it means so lot to me to it is in a part of the grand legacy that is Y&R."