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ApostropheThis is supplied to present the possessive form of a noun and also is provided to present that a letter or letters have been left the end of a contraction.

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BlogA Website on which who writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences is referred to as a ___.
CapitalizationThis is the usage of letters to indicate ideal nouns, or that is provided at the beginning of a sentence. That is occasionally used by writer to show emphasis or importance.
CommaThis is a punctuation mark that may be supplied to show a pause, connection, separation, list, because that clarity or to show importance.
ConfusedThese room words that sound rather alike yet have various meanings/usage and also can cause writers problems. Castle are commonly ___ words.
ContextWhen we discover the meaning of a native (or phrase) by looking at the words and sentences roughly it, we room using ____ clues.
Context CluesThese room in the text bordering a word and give clues for the an interpretation of the word. Lock are called ___ ___.
ConventionsIn writing or speaking, us follow agreed-upon rules, dubbed ____, because that spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, and also paraphrasing.
Coordinating ConjunctionA word that joins 2 independent clauses. Examples are the words "and," "but," "for," "so," "nor," "or," and also "yet."
DictionaryThis is a reference book containing one alphabetical perform of words, v information provided for every word, usually consisting of meaning, pronunciation, and etymology.
DigitalA research source is referred to as ________ if the is located on the internet, on a CD, or some other ar accessed by a computer or digital device.
DiscussionThis is the procedure of talk openly around about something: a conversation or exchange of ideas with one individual or a group.
ExampleThis type of paper definition clue is offered to aid the reader infer the an interpretation of a vocabulary native or administer a sustaining detail.
FigurativeLanguage that goes past the literal interpretations of indigenous to develop special impacts or feeling is dubbed ____ language.
FigureA word or phrase that is not intended to be taken literally however figuratively is dubbed a ____ that speech.
Formal LanguageThis sort of language usually has actually longer sentences and a greater selection of native than everyday speech. Slang, contractions, and also jargon are avoided.
Future Perfect ProgressiveThis is the verb it is too dirty that contains will or shall + have actually + to be + "ing" form of the key verb.
GlossaryThis is a list found in the ago of a publication that gives interpretations of inexplicable or difficult words discovered in the text.
Guide WordThis is a word printed at the height of a web page in a dictionary. It help you to know which words are on that page.
Helping VerbThis is a verb i beg your pardon is used in addition to another verb come give an ext information about the action.
Informal LanguageThis is what civilization use in day-to-day speech. That usually consists of relatively short sentences and straightforward vocabulary. It is referred to as _______ speech or language.
MetaphorThis is a direct comparison of two things, in which castle are stated to it is in (in part sense) the very same thing.
Parts that SpeechThese room the different varieties into i m sorry words space grouped according to their form, role or meaning.
Past Perfect ProgressiveThis is the verb tense that contains had + to be + "ing" type of the main verb.
Past ProgressiveThis is the verb it is too dirty that includes the past tense kind of "be" verb + "ing" kind of key verb.
PredicateThis is the part of the sentence which contains verb. The is a component of all finish sentences, along with the subject.
PrepositionThis is a indigenous that mentions the place, direction, or time the a noun in relationship to another word.
Present Perfect ProgressiveThis is the verb tense that consists of have or has + to be + "ing" type of the key verb.
Present ProgressiveThis is the verb tense that includes a kind of "be" verb + "ing" kind of main verb.
Print SourceThis is the classification of information consisting of books, magazines, charts, graphs, diagrams, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and also thesauruses.
Proper AdjectiveThis is the surname for a descriptive native that have to be capitalized. It modifies a noun or pronoun.
Proper NounThis is a part of speech the is used as the surname of a certain individual, place, or object. It must be capitalized.
Quotation MarksThese are used to enclose direct quotations and also to designate titles of short works (like newspaper and also magazine articles, poems, short stories, songs, episodes of television and radio programs, and also subdivisions of books or web sites).
Relative PronounA pronoun the helps give information around a noun in a sentence is referred to as a ___ pronoun.
Sensory DetailsThese are pictures to assist the reader check out or listen or feeling things. These are details the appeal to the senses.
Standard American EnglishThis is the variation of the English language the is related to as the version in America because that writers and speakers who are thought about educated.
StyleThis is the way an author expresses principles through the use of kinds of words, literary devices, and also sentence structure.
SubjectThis is a person, place, thing, or idea, the the sentence is about or that performs one action.
SynonymThis is a word or expression that has actually the exact same or nearly the same an interpretation as one more word or phrase.
Word ChoiceThis is another way of saying "diction." This can help reveal a) the ton of the work, b) connotations the meaning, and/or c) his layout of writing.

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Word ChoiceThis is the author"s or speaker"s handmade or style. It can be formal, informal, or even slang. Diction is a synonym.