Where such a term would reference the location/time of one object, nearly like it was of a building of the object. That is come say, if a duck is red, blue, yellow etc, we describe it has having a details colour. If it"s a nanometre, or 10km big, climate it"s home of size.

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Now I recognize that where/when an object exists an item isn"t a residential or commercial property of an object, yet it is something unique to the object, so i think it would be advantageous to have a shorthand for "geographical location", and also "time the existence".

There are terms explicate both time and location, together an event, or rendezvous (which ns think is supplied to describe the when and where that a meeting between two humans) yet I wan"t a term the just defines one the each.



The location in space and time the an entity is that is spacetime coordinates. (Sorry, i couldn"t find a concise referral for this, however if you do a web search, you will certainly get numerous hits.)


I can"t be particular that I recognize the concern you are asking...but the sounds prefer you space describing adjectives, i beg your pardon express characteristics of an item (physical or conceptual), such together blue, heavy, etc.

This very same thing is excellent to reference physical location and time, which deserve to be appended come nouns as "qualities" in the exact same way:

"The 6:30 Soho Train to be late."

"The midmorning downtown web traffic was horrendous."

And for this reason on.


This native wiki there is no a primary source. Worldline

In physics, the civilization line of an object is the route of that object in 4-dimensional spacetime, tracing the history of its ar in space at each immediate in time.



from wiki, which happens to provide a major source. Trajectory

A trajectory or trip path is the path that a relocating object follows through an are as a role of time.<1>

The ethics of Physics through Rohit Metha, thing 11 page 378 Para 3

from wiki time geography

Time geography is not only around time-geographic diagrams, simply as music is not only about musical notation.

scope the the idea

Time geography or time-space location is an evolving transdisciplinary view on spatial and also temporal processes and events such together social interaction, environmental interaction, social and also environmental change, and biographies of individuals.<1> Time geography "is not a subject area per se,"<2> yet rather one integrative ontological framework and visual language in which room and time are basic dimensions of analysis of dynamic processes.

A typical adjective in technical writing is spatio-temporal or spatiotemporal. According to Collins Dictionary:

of or existing in both space and time

of or came to with space-time

Attribution: an interpretation of spatiotemporal indigenous the Collins historicsweetsballroom.com Dictionary

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