A technique to the madness Meaning

Definition: regardless of one’s erratic behavior, the person has a plan.

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Origin the A method to the Madness

The existing locution the this phrase comes from a heat in the pat Hamlet, written by the English playwright william Shakespeare in the year 1602.

Though this it is in madness, however there is method in’t.

In this play, the main character, Hamlet, is the prince the Denmark. His father died, and his father’s ghost visited Hamlet come tell him the he had been murdered.

Hamlet decides come pretend the he has gone crazy, in order come spy ~ above those in ~ the castle and also learn that murdered his father. Therefore, back he seems insane, he has a plan.

Madness is one more word because that insanity.

It’s most likely that this expression existed before Shakespeare, however he coined that in its present form.

Examples of A technique to the Madness

Here is an example in i beg your pardon one roommate is engaging in weird behavior.

Mario: Hey, Axel.

Axel: Hi, Mario. I couldn’t help but an alert that she crawling roughly on the floor choose a dog. Room you feeling okay? room you having a psychological breakdown?

Mario: nothing worry. Yes sir a method to my madness. I lost my call lens somewhere around here, so i am crawling back and soon in a systematic method to uncover it. I’m sure it watch crazy. Oh, look! here’s my contact lens!

In this example, a experienced singer is acting strangely.

Producer: What is wrong v you? You’re exhilaration insane. You posting a bunch the nonsense everywhere social media, and also you’re insulting all these celebrities. Have you shed your mind?

Singer: not at all. Yes a method to mine madness. All publicity is good publicity! The crazier i act the an ext people notice me, and the more social media followers ns get!

More Examples

This quote is indigenous an gibbs explaining his look at strange career choices.

The 2nd quote reflects a man trying to describe the plot of a expert hockey player. Part people believe that the is exhilaration erratically. The speaker providing the quote believes that the athlete has actually a plan.

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The saying a method to one’s wildly means that regardless of acting in a strange way, a human being is working towards achieving a reasonable goal, and has a strategy to obtain there.


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