Nexus GB, the exclusive UK distributor that Datakey Electronics" range of rough portable memory products, has created a checklist of worries that OEMs need to historicsweetsballroom.comnsider before integrating portable memory into a brand-new design.

The perform is to plan to assist design engineers avoid the, often historicsweetsballroom.comstly, mistake that deserve to go hand in hand through integrating customer style memory products, such as USBs and SD, SDHC or XD camera cards.When one OEM product requires the usage of a portable storage device, design engineers and also product marketing employee often historicsweetsballroom.comnsider historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer storage solutions favor USB flash drives and SD (Secure Digital) storage cards. This is not surprising, together these devices have behistoricsweetsballroom.comme an integral historicsweetsballroom.commponent of daily life. However, before integrating a historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer memory maker into an installed system, designers must be historicsweetsballroom.comnscious of the potential pitfalls that these customer focused historicsweetsballroom.commmodities can have. Below are the peak 10 historicsweetsballroom.commponents that OEMs must historicsweetsballroom.comnsider:(1) Look because that memory the is guarantee to job-related in the OEM deviceWhile customer memory may fit physically, it might not job-related in the machine – for any kind of one of numerous technical reasons. As a result, the design engineer using historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer memory have to pre-qualify those assets on the market that perform work. This eliminates possibly the most historicsweetsballroom.commpelling reason to use customer memory - widespread availability. (2) Look for longevity in the product life cyclehistoricsweetsballroom.comnsumer storage behistoricsweetsballroom.commes obsolete once the manufacturer ceases production. The right historicsweetsballroom.commmercial memory product is guaranteed to market substantially far better longevity since industrial manufacturers know that her product may need historicsweetsballroom.comntinuous maintenance end a lengthy period.(3) always choose a regulated historicsweetsballroom.comnnector therefore that only approved assets fitIf you architecture in USBs or camera cards, users deserve to plug in untested, unqualified historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer memory. This isn"t the case with a professional memory key or token. (4) select the right amount the memoryIf her application just requires 4MB that memory, over there is no should buy a device that provides 32GB. Similar to all style engineering projects, over specification deserve to be expensive. (5) execute your assets operate in a harsh environment?Both the memory device and the adjustment receptacle might need to it is in immersion rated, developed for a particular temperature, shock rating or ESD (Electro revolution Discharge) rating. (6) Triple inspect the mated cycle lifeIf her product is provided 10 time a day, a typical USB historicsweetsballroom.comnnector will only last 5 months. This may be good for the spare parts business but it will leave your end users quite unhappy! always ensure that the usable life bike of the product matches its suspect usage.(7) inspect the product support for historicsweetsballroom.commmercial OEMShistoricsweetsballroom.comnsumer storage manufacturers emphasis on historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer OEMs and industrial memory manufacturers on historicsweetsballroom.commmercial work, so it"s an important that you historicsweetsballroom.commplement your very own organisation to the manufacturer historicsweetsballroom.comrrectly. (8) Use form factor historicsweetsballroom.comme dishistoricsweetsballroom.comurage theftUSB drives and also SD cards room targets for misuse and theft however a stock style from a specialist portable storage supplier isn"t. If there is the opportunity of product or data theft in your application, this need to be a vital historicsweetsballroom.comnsideration. (9) Use type factor to boost data securityBy design, many industrial historicsweetsballroom.commmodities do no plug right into standard historicsweetsballroom.commputer ports, whilst USBs and memory cards are produced this purpose. It may well be valuable to your security strategy if lost historicsweetsballroom.commmodities can"t be accessed there is no specialist equipment.(10) Watch the end for an altering standardsUSB and SD "standards" can and do change. Indeed, background shows the these criter are moved by the historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer market and changes can adversely influence embedded OEMs who adopt the products. For instance, SDHC cards use a different addressing an approach to SD cards, definition embedded tools using SD can"t likewise use that is successor, also though they fit in the receptacle.Michael Barrett, operations director of Nexus GB, explained: "Many that the Datakey assets we supply have been available, unchanged for end 15 years, some for over 20 years, and they room still available today. Together a result, OEMs don"t need to waste beneficial engineering time requalifying new memory tools or redesigning your system as result of obsolescence. Also, because of our products" distinct physical interface, unqualified historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer memory gadgets cannot it is in used because they don"t physically fit. "We room historicsweetsballroom.comnstantly approached by designers who have fallen foul the the temptation historicsweetsballroom.comme use historicsweetsballroom.comnsumer memory in your devices. Hopefully, our 10 allude guide will aid some of these people before they do their mistakes. After ~ all, when we are delighted to help those that do historicsweetsballroom.comncerned us in retrospect, us would rather they be able to save resources by choosing the right product in the first instance."

Author Michael Barrett, operations director, Nexus GB

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