I have a code to calculate the slope of a line if two points space known; however, it just returns the steep in decimal format. I"d prefer the capacity to pick to transform the decimal to a fraction. Here"s what I"ve excellent so far:

:Disp " ":Input "PAIR 1: ",T:Input "PAIR 2: ",U:((LU(2)-LT(2))/(LU(1)-LT(2)))->M:Disp "Slope Is: ",M:Input "F>>D? Y/N: ",Str0:If Str0="Y":(M>FD)->O:Disp OWhen I run this, I get ERROR: SYNTAX top top the conversion step (the actual slope calculation completes successfully.)

**Some the the password I"ve typed over is not specifically how it shows up in the TI 84, but it"s the ideal I deserve to do through a QWERTY keyboard.


►Frac and ►F◄►D are screen tokens, not conversion tokens

TI calculators can only keep numbers one way: in your proprietary floating-point format. This method that numbers can not be "converted" from portion to decimal or evil versa, only displayed together fractions or decimals. Thus, storing to anything (e.g. 3►F◄►D→X) will throw a syntax error.

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Display settings are adjusted using the Auto/Dec/Frac tokens in the mode menu; ►Frac overrides the mode and also displays as a portion approximation, ►Dec screens as decimal, and ►F◄►D speak the calculator to display screen in the opposite display screen mode from its current setting.

Quoting from this page:

►Frac attempts to display the input in fraction form. It just works top top the home screen outside a program, or through the Disp and also Pause commands in a program.



The trouble is in the line

(M>FD)->ODisp OThere"s no factor to format it this means when it have the right to simply be expressed as

Disp M>FDwhich calculates properly.


One method to convert from decimal to a fraction is to usage the Euclidean Algorithm. Here it is in ti-basic

:Ans→X:{1,abs(Ans:Repeat E‾9>Ans(2:abs(Ans(2){1,fPart(Ans(1)/Ans(2:End:round(X,1/Ans(1),0:Ans/gcd(Ans(1),Ans(2Ans is the decimal you great to convertand E‾9 is the same as 10^(-9)


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