There comes the time every year, between December 26th and January 31st, that simply feels...well...awkward. Christmas is over, the hype of giving and receiving gift is over, and also you"re regretting every the cheese, pasta, and cookies girlfriend ate between Christmas Eve and also Christmas Day. Your Jewish friends might still be celebrating Chanukah and also lighting the Menorah, however your holiday is over and also you"re off from work or college or every little thing "responsibilities" you generally have.

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You uncover yourself waking up at 6 a.m., just to establish you do not need to be up, and end up sleeping until noon. Friend sleep through your practice class, girlfriend eat leftover lasagna for having lunch (well really breakfast), and you don"t leave the residence until 2 p.m. You beat you yourself up because that being a bum and also can"t remember if that is Friday the 27th or Monday the 30th. Friends room texting about new Years eve plans and you"re concerned the pantsuit you bought on black Friday won"t right after every the vacation goodies.

Enough sulking! below are the do"s and dont"s to battling the most awkward week of the year:

Do: stick to her schedule.

Whether it"s waking up at a decent hour, eating right and working out, see friends, acquisition time come yourself, or going to bed top top time, keep yourself busy and also on a comparable schedule to what you"re supplied to. Obtaining off track because that a week will make that that much harder to acquire out that bed when the alarm goes off after brand-new Years.

Don"t: gain off track.

Don"t sleep in, stay up all night, eat prefer crap, take it time turn off from the gym, be as well busy, or isolate. These will waste your week off and make that that lot easier to hit snooze after brand-new Years.

Do: Eat healthy and also work out regularly.

Get come the gym. Maybe not every day, yet be consistent. Keep the exact same workout schedule you usually do, and also maybe try a brand-new workout or class!

Don"t: usage this together an forgive to it is in "fat and also lazy".

It will just hurt you in the lengthy run. The is much more an overwhelming to get ago into the gym after acquisition a full week off than simply a couple days. Similarly, eating healthy and balanced for at least 2 complete weeks will make her body crave healthy food, however, eating unhealthy for as small as 2 days will certainly make her body crave unhealthy food.

Do: catch up on complimentary reading or your favorite TV series.

If you began a publication over the summer and didn"t obtain to complete it, choose it up and also read it with the last page! If you"ve let go the last few episodes of her favorite present due to deadlines and also holiday prep, now"s the moment to gain yourself recorded up!

Don"t: remain in bed every day bingeing a new show for the entire week.

Not only will you go stir crazy and your friends will certainly worry around the fact that friend haven"t showered in a couple of days, but you will certainly just have actually one much more show to capture up on. While it"s it s okay to rest, relax, and unwind v a present or two when you have complimentary time, don"t invest all her time under your covers in your bedroom starting Hunger games or re-watching One Tree Hill.

Do: practice self care.

Pick increase that brand-new face mask her friend told friend about, order the bathtub bombs you observed on Instagram and also pick up brand-new make up in ~ Sephora. Take it a bath, have actually a spa night v friends or by yourself, obtain a mani-pedi or massage, light a candle and also enjoy some self-care. This week is favor a permanent "Self care Sunday".

Don"t: disregard yourself or spread yourself also thin.

While it may seem super amazing to have actually a week turn off to capture up v old friends, watch a brand-new art exhibit, try a new restaurant, or take a work trip, don"t forget to enable time for yourself to decompress. Whether it"s whole day or two midway through the week, or one hour a day throughout the azer 7 job period, discover time because that YOU come recharge.

Do: irradiate the fireplace.

Whether you had actually your fireplace burning every throughout Christmas or never ever got roughly to it, obtain that baby lit! snuggle up v a an excellent book or movie and make yourself part hot-cocoa or tea and also enjoy the warmth of the fire alone or through loved ones. Be grateful and feel peace in such a timely task.

Don"t: Waste the possibility to reap the basic pleasures of winter!

It doesn"t need to be lighting the fireplace, but don"t forget around the basic pleasures of winter, prefer wearing her favorite hat and scarves, snuggling up on the couch with a great book, or acquisition a nap ~ above the couch v your dog.

Do: watch the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center.

How countless of us miss out on the chance to check out the tree due to the fact that we space too busy meeting deadlines in ~ work, finishing finals because that school, vacationing, holiday shopping, or, let"s it is in honest, avoiding the tourists of NYC? This aer time between Christmas and new Years is the perfect chance to go view the tree. The Christmas hype has actually faded and also people are looking front to NYE an ext than ever, yet the tree is tho standing tall, and also is lonely together hell.

Don"t: save it for next year.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The tree only stays up until January 2nd. Go see it prior to it"s too late!

Do: every the various other winter activities you"ve been dreaming of.

Go ice skating, do a snow guy or igloo, walk skiing or snowboarding, have actually a snowball fight, walk sledding, walk on a winter hike, do a eye angel, catch snow flakes on your tongue, walk in an outdoor warm tub, collection pine cones, eat grilled cheese and tomato soup, bake cookies, make chili, and also drink eggnog or warm chocolate. The list have the right to go on...

Do: Shop the after-Christmas sales.

This can be excellent online, in her PJs! Every store has actually a holiday sale, and also it just gets much better after Christmas once everyone has actually holiday money come spend! to buy yourself the one item you wanted yet didn"t get, conserve yourself native the wrath the the one girlfriend forgot to gift, or sign up because that a monthly subscription because that the brand-new year.

Don"t: punch all her holiday money at once.

While the post-Christmas sales may seem awesome, lock are regularly a ploy by companies to take all your holiday money! even if it is it"s your work bonus or a inspect from your grandparents, they understand you have actually money to spend and also they desire it! reap yourself, but don"t spend it all in one ar or blow it just since you"re gaining a an excellent deal.

Do: Donate food, clothes, toys, or her time to a regional charity.

The holidays space a time for giving. Clean the end your closets, toy chests, and pantries. Drop off leftovers come a neighborhood charity or plan ahead the time and also make double. Send brand-new and gently provided clothing and also toys to those much less fortunate, after ~ all, girlfriend did just acquire a new wardrobe and also no one is playing v last year"s beanie babies. The sadness of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and also loneliness access time harder throughout the holidays; If girlfriend can, volunteer at a soup kitchen: time is the many invaluable gift throughout these winter months.

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Don"t: it is in ungrateful throughout your week off.

Don"t complain about the one or two gifts that weren"t under the tree. Remember, some civilization had no tree at every for gift to walk under. Be thankful for time invested with family and also friends and also appreciate her time turn off from her busy life!

Do: do the most of this aer week.

Take few of the suggestions mentioned above, or come up v your very own ideas! simply don"t sit around and do nothing! setup some funny activities, capture up ~ above errands, and also prepare to go back to work-related by relaxing, having actually fun, and staying on track.

Don"t: it is in awkward!

Don"t partake in the "dont"s" of this article! Don"t waste this week, since before you understand it, new Years will be over, and it"s ago to reality!

Use few of these proposal to obtain yourself out of the rut in between Christmas and brand-new Years! Remember, the holidays are a time for love, compassion, and also fun! laugh at strangers, buy coffee because that the next human in line, and also say say thanks to you when someone stop the door because that you. Arrangement fun activities and enable yourself to rest. This week does not need to suck!