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miss Stephanie Crawford is the town"s resident busybody and also gossip. She provides it she main company in life to know everyone else"s. If there"s something walking on in town you deserve to be certain that she"ll gladly offer up her very own unhelpful, ill-informed opinions top top the matter. An ext than any one...

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Miss Stephanie Crawford is the town"s resides busybody and gossip. She provides it she main organization in life to recognize everyone else"s. If there"s something walking on in town you have the right to be certain that she"ll gladly sell up her own unhelpful, ill-informed opinions top top the matter. Much more than any one individual, she"s responsible for creating the legend of Boo Radley. When Scout, Jem, and also Dill break into the Radleys" garden to shot and record a glimpse of Boo, Nathan Radley, Boo"s brother, come out and fires a shot in the air. Miss Crawford is very first on the scene and also tells everyone what she cases Mr. Radley did:

Shot in the air. Fear him pale, though. Says if anybody sees a white n****r around, it is the one. States he’s acquired the various other barrel waitin‘ for the following sound that hears in that patch, an’ following time he i will not ~ aim high, be it dog, n****r, or—Jem Finch! (Chapter 6)

When Atticus shoots and kills Tim Johnson, the mad dog, most people in town space both impressed and also relieved. Yet not miss Stephanie. Maybe the bad dog wasn"t yes, really mad, after ~ all:

Uh, uh, uh, who’da assumed of a foolish dog in February? possibly he wadn’t mad, maybe he was simply crazy. I’d hate to view Harry Johnson’s face when he gets in indigenous the mobile run and finds Atticus Finch’s shot his dog. Gambling he was just complete of fleas indigenous somewhere—." (Chapter 10)

That"s miss Stephanie, alright. Always stirring the pot.

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And finally, miss Stephanie recounts, with a tiny too much enthusiasm, that the unpleasant business between Bob Ewell and Atticus need to be mentioned, as soon as Bob spat right in Atticus"s face, called him every the name under the sun, and also threatened to kill him. Together we would expect, Atticus"s reaction come this disgusting slim is stoical and also restrained. He even earns a sort of grudging admiration from miss out on Stephanie herself: "Miss Stephanie said you had to hand it to Atticus Finch, he could be right dry sometimes" (Chapter 22).