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Gathering flowers have the right to be seen as a an allegory for sex or wooing here, for plucking the flower and enjoying it while it’s tho in the bloom that youth. The tautness that the quatrain (i.e. Four-line verse or stanza) is reinforced by the rhyme, both in ~ the finish of the currently (may/today, flying/dying) and also within the present (while/smiles, still/will). This lends the currently a purposeful and decisive feel: do no mistake, the poet says, even your youth will fade, the flower will wither, and – eventually – die. The interior rhymes space delicately balanced, so that while and also smiles come in ~ the same allude in the very first and third lines dong (the 6th syllable in the line) and also still and will come at the same suggest in the 2nd and fourth lines (the 4th syllable in each case). Not only do these pairs of native rhyme internally v each other, yet they additionally cross over and also echo the other pair of words: while and will, smiles and also still. This is, technically speaking, extremely efficient and tightly constructed verse – and this is important because the poet desires to convince us of the certainty that what the says. Note how ‘may’ i do not care ‘will’.

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The other three stanzas the the poem expand the main sentiment for this reason pithily and also perfectly express in that opening stanza. Lock are much less remarkable than the an initial verse, yet they do display a similar use of repeat of contrasts and also opposites: higher/sooner/nearer in the 2nd stanza, best/first/worst in the 3rd (leaving that lacking complement, last, unspoken however lurking ominously behind the lines), and time/prime (not an easy opposites, despite it is the passing of time i beg your pardon will bring about the pass of one’s prime) in the final stanza.

‘To the Virgins, to Make lot of Time’ is, in the last analysis, a very closely constructed city expressing a fairly straightforward sentiment. It says what it desires to say through extraordinary technological proficiency, yet without sacrifice the simplicity that its central message.

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The author of this article, Dr Oliver Tearle, is a literary critic and also lecturer in English at Loughborough University. He is the author of, among others, The mystery Library: A Book-Lovers’ Journey with Curiosities that History

and also The good War, The rubbish Land and also the Modernist long Poem.