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I"ve been having actually some trouble with the passenger next seatbelt. Walk not take place every time ns go to extend/use the belt, however it appears that the seatbelt crease in on itself and gets stuck (attached a picture of what that looks like) takes a few minutes come mess through it to acquire it to retract. Everyone else have this problem? What deserve to I carry out to settle this? Thanks.
have this trouble on my 2006 Camry. Seatbelt works fine yet like yours, it folds ~ above itself and also gets stuck. You have to pull the seatbelt all the method out and "angle" the belt greater for it come roll ago neatly. Occasionally it takes slide the height adjuster up and also down to ease the belt.It still does that and also I don"t plan on resolving it until it no much longer retracts. My daughter provides that car and knows the it have the right to be troublesome at times. She knows exactly how to deal with it so that it functions as to plan for she passengers.If you do want to get it fixed, examine with a Toyota dealership around costs. Some auto manufacturers offer complimentary repair because that the seatbelt. If not, i would take into consideration an auto body shop. The labor price is about half of a dealer.Good luck.

I"ve checked out this happen on cars where either the belt to be twisted and also retracted in. Or that may have actually been tangled if the belt was the end (i.e. Seat belt to be stayed like this for a decent amount that time). I have an OCD wherein the chair belt should be straight and also retracted when any kind of of my passenger leave, so I will at times re-adjust the belts after mine passenger gets the end so the retract in nicely. So much none of my cars have the seat belt concern as provided above.I would just replace the entire seat belt. Junkyard would be your finest bet, but dealership would be the next. I"d introduce going OEM because that this type of part.

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Release the chair belt and hold slight press on it together it retracts. Mike battle Department allows the belt fly and it go the very same thing. Simply keep enough pressure ~ above the belt to stop folding. Or just let er fly.
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