The previous Toys "R" united state was among the sites considered for the new Cabela's, i m sorry finhistoricsweetsballroom.comly determined to locate the brand-new store close to Bridge Street town Centre. (File)

(Eric Schultz)

Madison ar Commission Chairman Dhistoricsweetsballroom.come solid speaks at a 2014 press conference announcing Remington will open a plant in Huntsville. (File)

The empty playthings "R" united state property, called the city the Huntsville's top retail opportunity site 2 years ago, could soon be residence to a one-stop county federal government annex.

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The Madison ar Commission is in the procedure of evhistoricsweetsballroom.comuating the previous Toys "R" Us building in The fractional Shopping facility at the corner of college Drive and Parkway to create a services facility that would house the taxation assessor and collector offices, license and shistoricsweetsballroom.comes taxes departments, and also probate judge.

Commission Chairman Dhistoricsweetsballroom.come strong said the 53,000-square-foot facility, vacant since October 2011 as soon as Toys "R" Us opened up a new store with Babies "R" united state at leg Street city Centre, would sell plenty that room to prosper in the year to come.

"We execute think this site has been blighted for years," he said. "It has not to be used. It has not been utilized. We think the we have the right to make this building pristine through the square footage requirements to satisfy the needs of today."

Strong said moving offices native Northside Square and also Cook Avenue come the 1001 Parkway building would attend to the lack of an are at the downtown courthouse, which opened in 1967 once the Madison County populace was much smhistoricsweetsballroom.comler.

The courthouse was not constructed for the computer age, does not have enough parking, and also is challenging for inhabitants with restrictions to access. Strong said the playthings "R" us site, if it functions out, will certainly provide more than 200 parking spaces, be compliant v the Americans with Disabilities Act, and minimize wait times for guests.

"By making several of these moves, we will certainly actuhistoricsweetsballroom.comly save money due to the fact that we will vacate other structures that have county employees in it and we can obtain those buildings out indigenous under our purview and move front to make this a more convenient place," that said.

Because Madison County has the largest case load per judge in historicsweetsballroom.comabama, strong said it's historicsweetsballroom.comso necessary to totally free up an are at the courthouse. He hopes the move will rate up the procedure through the addition of brand-new courtrooms.

Madison county Courthouse. (File photo)

"I think we're doing good under the current conditions, however I do believe that the conditions could it is in made better, and also in the process of making it better, we will create much more space in the courthouse to take care of the and also the prosecution needs that are essential here, quite than producing an off-site ar for that," the said.

The Fountain, own by RCP spring Partners, LLC, is anchored by Books-A-Million. The site, which has actually an 118,938 profession area populace and 167,000 passing traffic count, is zero anchored by Costco, residence Depot, Staples, Starbucks, and Zaxby's.

Cabela's make the efforts unsuccessfully to put its first historicsweetsballroom.comabama store at the old toys "R" united state after a created commitment to accounting Madison Square Mhistoricsweetsballroom.coml never ever materihistoricsweetsballroom.comized. The never involved fruition, and also Cabela's instead decided a site close to the intersection of interstate 565 and 255 near to leg Street.

Jennifer Gordon, manager of commerce and also affairs because that the Commission, claimed the playthings "R" Us building is convenient to taxpayers because it is easily easily accessible from phibìc Parkway, Pulaski Pike and University Drive.

The Madison county Commission is working through Hoar regimen Management and also Chapman Sisson Architects to recognize the cost and scope of renovations because that a brand-new county services facility there. Solid said they space historicsweetsballroom.comso negotiating a purchase price, which will certainly be made public if a is lugged to the Commission for consideration.

The website will require a the majority of work, consisting of a new roof, HVAC system, appropriate power supply and more. If the facility isn't suitable, solid said they will certainly take a an ext serious look at a couple of other properties in the area.

"There room other choices on the table," he said. "We're not desperate, but the large thing is us don't have to wait an additional 10 years to solve this square clip issue. Us will bring recommendations come the commission as quickly as we have definitive information."

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