Summary: Syaoran, a boy who wants to come to be an archeologist, and also Sakura, a princess from the Clow Kingdom, room childhood friends v a close relationship.On a fateful night, Sakura lost all her memories as a an outcome of a conspiracy to achieve her powers. Watch Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE episode 1 English Dub Online. You are watching indigenous Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE the Anime series. Watch Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE just at The finest place to clock Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE illustration 1 English Dubbed video online in high quality.

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When Syaoran return to his house for a adjust of clothes after examining the ruins, he meets his childhood girlfriend Sakura, the princess the Clow Kingdom (玖楼国 Kurō Koku?). She convinces the to remain longer, and the two wander the city shopping together. At the finish of your excursion, she attempts come confess her love because that him, however is interrupted and forced to return to the castle. When Syaoran return to the ruins, he is surprised to discover Sakura there. A mysterious force starts to draw her into the wall and causes her memories to manifest us in the type of feathers. When he pulls she to safety, she memories scatter across the dimensions. The priest Yukito speak him to seek out the aid of the Dimensional Witch and also sends the 2 to the measurement in i m sorry she resides. Upon arriving there, 2 others shortly follow: Kurogane who is exiled indigenous his measurement for killing excessively and Fai D. Flourite that is running away native the king that his dimension.
Watch Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE episode 1 English Dub Online. You are watching indigenous Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE the Anime series. Watch Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE only at The ideal place to watch Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE illustration 1 English Dubbed video clip online in high quality.
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, a manga by Clamp, has been adapted into four various anime versions between 2005 and also 2009, including a two-season anime television series, one anime film, and two original video animation (OVA) series with screenplay detailed by Nanase Ohkawa and music written by Yuki Kajiura. Bee Train adjusted the manga series into a fifty-two-episode anime licensed has been granted Tsubasa Chronicle command by Kōichi Mashimo through Hiroshi Morioka authorized on together co-director for season two. Hiroyuki Kawasaki scripted both seasons.<1>Production I.G adjusted the manga collection into both an anime film entitled Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess that the country of Birdcages command by Itsuro Kawasaki and two OVA adaptations command by Shunsuke Tada entitled Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations and Tsubasa Shunraiki. Collection in a fictional world involving alternate realities, the story complies with a group of 5 travellers—Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, Fai D. Flourite, and also Mokona—as they search for pieces of Sakura"s memory that take the type of feathers of good power and also without which, Sakura will certainly die. The series features lot crossover with the that sister series xxxHolic, another manga by Clamp.
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The first season of the anime collection aired top top NHK between April 9, 2005 and also October 15, 2005 covering twenty-six episode.<2> The anime movie aired in Japanese theaters on august 20, 2005. The second season that the anime series aired ~ above NHK between April 29, 2006 and November 4, 2006 spanning twenty-six episodes.<3> The very first OVA to be released between November 16, 2007 and March 17, 2008 extending three episodes.<4> The 2nd OVA to be released in between March 17, 2009 and also May 15, 2009 covering two episodes.<5>
The two periods of the anime series were referred to as by the anime television network Animax under the location Chronicle that the Wings and also later started broadcast on April 6, 2006 across its English-language networks in south-east Asia and also South Asia as well as its other networks in Taiwan and Hong Kong.Funimation Entertainment licensed both seasons of the anime because that English-language release in north America under the surname Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.<6> Funimation has additionally released the very first season the the anime in the joined Kingdom through Revelation Films.<7> Revelation movies had evidenced the release of the second season the Tsubasa Chronicle in the U.K. However no release dates were ever before confirmed.<8>
The first season that the anime television series Tsubasa Chronicle (ツバサ·クロニクルTsubasa Kuronikuru) features two piece of design template music. "Blaze" carry out by Kinya Kotani is the opened theme. "Loop" (ループRūpu) carry out by Maaya Sakamoto is the finishing theme.

#TitleLocationOriginal airdate1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526
"Destinies Converge"Transcription: "Hitsuzen no Deai" (Japanese: 必然のデアイ)Clow KingdomApril 9, 2005<9>
When Syaoran return to his home for a readjust of clothing after researching the ruins, the meets his dearest and closest childhood friend Sakura, the princess the Clow Kingdom (玖楼国Kurō Koku). She convinces the to continue to be longer, and also the 2 wander the town shopping together. In ~ the end of your excursion, she attempts come confess she love because that him, but is interrupted and forced to return to the castle. When Syaoran return to the ruins, that is surprised to discover Sakura there. A mysterious force begins to draw her into the wall surface and causes her memories to manifest themselves in the form of feathers. Once he pulls she to safety, her memories scatter across the dimensions. The monk Yukito tells him to look for out the help of the Dimensional Witch and also sends the 2 to the measurement in i beg your pardon she resides. Upon showing up there, 2 others shortly follow: Kurogane who is exiled from his measurement for death excessively and Fai D. Flourite who is to run away indigenous the king of his dimension.
"The strength to Fight"Transcription: "Tatakau Chikara" (Japanese: 戦うチカラ)JapanApril 16, 2005<9>
Transported come the modern day Japan (日本Nippon), Syaoran, Kurogane, and also Fai asking the Dimensional Witch, Yūko Ichihara, to provide their wishes. Syaoran wishes to travel to many worlds to regain Sakura"s memories. Kurogane desire to go back to his own world. Fai desire to travel to a world that is no his very own so regarding avoid meeting his king. Yūko tells them the although their intentions room different, their wishes room the same. In order to have their great granted, each should pay a price. She asks Syaoran to pay with his connection with Sakura i m sorry would result in Sakura losing her memory of Syaoran, Kurogane come pay with his sword Ginryū, and also Fai come pay v the tattoo ~ above his back. Though hesitant, every pays their particular price, and in return she gives the team a white creature named Mokona Modoki who holds the power to overcome to random dimensions. The team sets turn off to one more dimension where a gang war is around to commence in between two teams led by Kanio and Shōgo respectively who usage a power called Kudan (巧断) that deserve to manifest itself as a familiar. A boy named Masayoshi finds them and also brings them come safety. As soon as Fai gives Syaoran among Sakura"s feather, acquisition it turn off Syaoran"s shirt, the feather is puffy by a stray blast. After ~ running right into the fray to retrieve the feather, Syaoran finds that he as well possesses the strength Kudan and also interferes with the fight.
"Sword the Demon Destruction"Transcription: "Hama no Katana" (Japanese: 破魔のカタナ)Hanshin RepublicApril 23, 2005<9>
After the group arriving Hanshin Republic (ハンシン共和国Hanshin Kyōwakoku) and also Syaoran interferes with the gang battle chasing the gang led by Kanio away, the various other gang retreats when they hear the police around to arrive. Sent by the Dimensional Witch as a favor to treatment for them, Sorata Arisugawa and also Arashi Arisugawa discover the team of travelers and also take them to the residential apartment structure that lock own. After some rest and also a adjust of clothes, the three go approximately town in search of Sakura"s feather the Mokona sensed earlier during the battle. Kurogane point out someone that looks like Princess Tomoyo and chases after her alone. Shedding sight that the girl, Kurogane meets the corridor led by Kanio and they begin to fight; Kurogane emerges together the victor v the assist of his very own Kudan. Meanwhile, Syaoran, Fai, and Mokona enter a restaurant because that lunch whereby they meet human being who re-superstructure the same appearance and also personality of Sakura"s brother Toya and his girlfriend Yukito. At the finish of the day, anyone returns to Sorata and also Arashi"s apartment.
"Innocent Wandering"Transcription: "Kegare Naki Hōrō" (Japanese: 汚れなき放浪)Hanshin RepublicApril 30, 2005<9>
After the group leave to search for the Sakura"s storage fragment as soon as more, Sakura wakes from her sleep and leaves her room to monitor a bird. When Arashi realizes that Sakura is gone, she tells Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and also Mokona and they begin searching for her. The corridor leader Kanio comes throughout Sakura in town and concocts a scheme to usage Sakura to threaten Syaoran to sign up with his gang. However, because of her kindness, he decides to disband his gang and also return come an honest life providing his gang"s are to the gang led through Shōgo. The team of travelers discover Sakura once much more and lug her ago to Sorata and Arashi"s apartment.
"The battle of the Mage"Transcription: "Majutsushi no Batoru" (Japanese: 魔術師のバトル)Hanshin RepublicMay 7, 2005<9>
Sorata and Arashi imply that the feather is had inside someone"s Kudan and also that such a Kudan would have to be quite powerful to be able to hold Sakura"s feather. As the group ponder upon a technique to carry out a find for such a Kudan, Shōgo"s girlfriend, Primera, kidnaps Mokona and also Masayoshi in order to attract more of Shōgo"s attention leaving a letter of an obstacle for Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane. Regardless of being can not to speak to each various other as Mokona had actually been acting together a wonder translator for them, they do their means to Hanshin Castle. There, Primera supplies to return the hostages if castle agree come fight v her. Fai meets her an obstacle revealing his own Kudan that permits him to fly and also wins the fight. As soon as Shōgo arrives, Mokona declares the the feather is somewhere nearby. Shōgo obstacles Syaoran to a battle to test his very own strength.
"Unshed Tears"Transcription: "Nakanai Namida" (Japanese: 泣かないナミダ)Hanshin RepublicMay 14, 2005<9>
Syaoran and Shōgo begin their loose fight. Together a result, Hanshin Castle starts to shake and it becomes dangerous because that Masayoshi and also Primera stand atop it. As soon as Masayoshi"s Kudan conserves them, Mokona senses the it holds in ~ itself Sakura"s feather. It i do not care enraged such the Masayoshi can no longer manage it due to the influence of Sakura"s feather consumed by the desire to safeguard its master and begins ruining the city. Syaoran chases after it and also removes the feather, returning manage of the Kudan come Masayoshi. After ~ saying your farewells, the team head in the direction of a new world.
"The damaged Memento"Transcription: "Kudaketa Katami" (Japanese: 砕けたカタミ)Koryo CountryMay 21, 2005<9>
Arriving in the following world, Koryo nation (ナユタヤ国Nayutaya Kuni), Syaoran and also the gang obtain harassed through the Ryanban"s son and also his minions. Shortly after that, they meet a young girl by the name of Chu"nyan who chases the thugs off. When the kid runs home to his father, Syaoran realizes that his resource of power is just one of Sakura"s feathers enclosed in a ball. As result of the weird garments that Syaoran and company are wearing, Chu"nyan failure them because that Amen"osa, or secret investigators native the federal government sent come the plenty of kingdoms to best wrongs, and also take lock to she house. After a lengthy talk with them, she realizes that they couldn"t perhaps be Amen"osa, and she speak them around the evil Ryanban of the area and how the murdered her mother. Later on, the Ryanban"s son and also his thugs burn under a villager"s house since he didn"t pay taxes. After a fight between them and also Syaoran, Chu"nyan"s only keepsake from she mother, her magical fan, end up getting damaged by the Ryanban"s son.
"God"s lovely Daughter"Transcription: "Kami no Manamusume" (Japanese: 神の愛娘)Koryo CountryMay 28, 2005<9>
Fai and also Kurogane decision to storm the castle even when Chu"nyan speak them the powerful an enig arts defend it. Chu"nyan, Syaoran, and also Sakura visit the resistance in town versus the Ryanban. Sakura is attracted towards the castle and mysteriously disappears inside. Syaoran walk in ~ her and there they accomplish all the townspeople that have been imprisoned and have adjusted into monsters. Sakura and Syaoran room then back in former of the entrances of the castle because of a mysterious presence. They tell the villagers what occurred to the others suck in native the gate. Kurogane and Fai decide no to storm the castle however to think of another method. The villagers decide to fight as soon as more.
"Princess that Shadows"Transcription: "Ayashiki Onna" (Japanese: 妖しきオンナ)Koryo CountryJune 4, 2005<9>
It is revealed that the Ryanban has a secret weapon i m sorry is in the type of a secret witch, called Kiishimu. Syaoran is still determined in getting into the lock that has Sakura"s feather inside. Despite he to be hurt indigenous the previous battle, the still to plan to walk inside.
"Mirror that Separation"Transcription: "Wakare no Kagami" (Japanese: 別離のカガミ)Koryo CountryJune 11, 2005<9>
The villagers the Koryo storm the castle together Chu"nyan adheres to Sakura; meanwhile, Syaoran continues to battle the Ryanban"s son and Fai and Kurogane continue to struggle Kiishimu. Kurogane unintentionally frees Kiishimu from she imprisonment collection by the Ryanban, by breaking the stone on her forehead. That is after that revealed the it was offered to manage her by the foolish lord. She climate kisses Kurograne come say give thanks to you. Chu"nyan learns the her mother"s soul temporarily inhabits Sakura"s body and also Chu"nyan concerns understand the true an interpretation of hijutsu. She mother gives her own hijutsu mirror to Chu"nyan and departs from Sakura"s body.
"The preferred Tomorrow"Transcription: "Erabareta Ashita" (Japanese: 選ばれたアシタ)Koryo CountryJune 18, 2005<10>
The villagers do the efforts to assault the Ryanban"s castle and are now under his control. To make matters worse, Syaoran sees the Chu"nyan and also Sakura space trapped in a bubble and learns that if he strikes the villagers, the girls will feel the results tenfold. But his determination provides him an leaf in the fight together he finds the end that the girl trapped inside the bubble are not the actual Sakura and Chu"nyan.
"The heat Smile"Transcription: "Atatakana Egao" (Japanese: 暖かなエガオ)Fog CountryJune 25, 2005<10>
In the following world, the group discovered no people and also no buildings. Every that"s over there is a large lake in i beg your pardon Mokona senses a powerful force. Syaoran dives in to take a look. When he resurfaces Sakura records him up in her strange memory. Syaoran goes back under water, and also while he"s unable to do Sakura has actually a strange encounter v a creature from the lake. The biology asks questions to her, and also as she battles with this answer, she passes out. In she unconscious state she recovers a memory from once she first met Syaoran. Syaoran has actually a remind of his own back to when he attend Sakura"s date of birth party. Due to the fact that Syaoran has no memories native the time before Fujitaka ended up being his father, Sakura made it so that his and her birthdays would be on the exact same day. Sakura regains her consciousness and Syaoran takes her to the bottom that the sea to view a spectacular miniature city. This occurrence reminds Syaoran that the time when Sakura confirmed him the white birds from the peak of the castle. Mokona informs everyone the there"s no feather in this world and they leave for the following one.
"Advocate the Illusions"Transcription: "Maboroshi no Otogi" (Japanese: まぼろしのオトギ)Jade CountryJuly 2, 2005<10>
The group finish up in a brand-new world, Jade country (ジェイド国Jeido Kuni), where there is one old legend story about a gold haired princess who possessed a feather with magical powers and they are encouraged that the belongs come Sakura so they go to a forbidden castle with a deep river neighboring it to try find some kids that were abducted. If they are in town, they space taking refuge in the house of a type doctor, Kyle. Yet while anyone is asleep, Sakura watch the golden haired princess and also follows her however then she is suddenly put to sleep. Currently Sakura is getting the reference for taking the children and Syaoran is worried that she will never come back alive.
"Truth In History"Transcription: "Shinjitsu no Rekishi" (Japanese: 真実のレキシ)Jade CountryJuly 9, 2005<10>
Sakura wakes up after fainting and thinks she sees the Princess. Syaoran and also the gang go examine with Mr. Grosum if he has actually one the Sakura"s feathers. They search his residence to find clues of Sakura’s whereabouts till they"re interrupted by Mr. Grosum. Sakura do the efforts to find a method to escape from the room she"s in. Meanwhile Syaoran discusses a setup with medical professional Kyle about stalking Mr. Grosum"s house. As Sakura escapes, the ghost of the Princess shows up to Sakura and tells she a story the a mystical feather came right into her possession and how that wards off evil. Syaoran then uncovers the truth and finds the end that Dr. Kyle knows wherein Sakura and the youngsters are.
"A Heart that Believes"Transcription: "Shinjiru Kokoro" (Japanese: 信じるココロ)Jade CountryJuly 16, 2005<10>
Sakura tries to escape from the forbidden castle with ghost Princess Emeraude"s help. She likewise brings the children together with her. Meanwhile, Syaoran and also all the townspeople desire to hear Dr. Kyle"s confession. He climate confesses that the kidnapping to be his doing and also he offered the kids in bespeak to break the feather free. The children escape from the castle however Sakura is quiet trapped. Dr. Kyle escapes indigenous the townspeople and also decides come grab Sakura instead, but suddenly Syaoran concerns rescue her. The castle starts to tremble as the reservoir from the river overflows. While they face Dr. Kyle, the wall surface of the castle suddenly breaks and smashes right into the doctor. They space freed together they check out the castle collapse, and also the townspeople say thanks to the team for rescuing their children. At the end of your journey, lock realize the they are being watched through someone who is additionally interested in Sakura"s feather.
"Strength and also Kindness"Transcription: "Tsuyosa come Yasashisa" (Japanese: 強さと優しさ)Storm CountryJuly 23, 2005<10>
The story starts off through a girl gift hit through a secret beam on she head. Inside the shrine, Keefer walk in a saves her native the Guardian that the shrine. The team enters the world, Storm nation (シュトルム国Shutorumu Kuni), in the middle of a tournament in order to watch who is the strongest. Syaoran eventually wins the match. Yet Keefer demands that sacred object that Syaoran won from the tournament. Castle both fight to see who it s okay it, finishing with Syaoran providing the sacred object to conserve the girl. This illustration is a filler and is not component of the manga"s storyline.
"Demon Hunters"Transcription: "Sakura no Kuni no Kafe" (Japanese: 桜の国のカフェ)Ōto CountryJuly 30, 2005<10>
The travelers arrive in the floor of Ōto nation (桜都国), lit. Country of cherry blossoms, and also are greeted by a welcoming party and are advised to register themselves at city hall. They space housed in a previous shop, yet that night they are assaulted by an Oni, which Syaoran defeats albeit gaining injured. Syaoran and Kurogane become Oni Hunters whereas Fai becomes the owner the a Café and also Sakura becomes the waitress, with assistance from Mokona.
"Cat and Dog"Transcription: "Nyanko to Wanko" (Japanese: にゃんことワンコ)Ōto CountryAugust 20, 2005<10>
After talking to Yūko, Mokona surname the Café, calling it The Cat"s Eye, a name said by Yūko. The group"s Ōto aliases room revealed and Kurogane attacks Fai for giving them strange names. Kurogane and Fai discover out Syaoran is blind in his appropriate eye. Kurogane and also Fai leaving for a bar to find out part information around the strange Oni that keeps attack them, however get attacked on the way back. The insert track "Kaze no Machi he" (風の街へ) was likewise sung throughout the struggle scene.
"Living Resolve"Transcription: "Ikiru Kakugo" (Japanese: 生きるカクゴ)Ōto CountryAugust 27, 2005<10>
Kurogane and Fai end up off the Oni however Kurogane ends up losing his knife in the fight and Fai damages his leg. Sakura and also Syaoran satisfy Ryū-ō and Sōma. ~ finishing a enjoy the meal at the Cat"s Eye, a strange human being who seems to recognize Syaoran appears in addition to Oni. Syaoran finds the end he can"t loss an Oni over a specific level without a weapon. Kurogane lastly realizes that the same human being are in different worlds however the means they live and also what they carry out is different. Syaoran asks Kurogane to teach that swordsmanship.
"The Afternoon Piano"Transcription: "Gogo no Piano" (Japanese: 午後のピアノ)Ōto CountrySeptember 3, 2005<10>
Syaoran and also Kurogane go to a knife shop. Kurogane buys a longsword called Sōhi (Blue Ice) and Syaoran gets a sword dubbed Hien (Scarlet Flame). After they buy the swords, Kurogane speak Syaoran no to unsheathe the sword yet due to the fact that he isn"t prepared to usage it yet. Fai buys a piano for The Cat"s Eye but he doesn"t know just how to beat it. Kurogane begins training Syaoran on exactly how to against him being remote in his right eye by learning how to balance in between his left and right side. A strange mrs comes right into The Cat"s Eye and also starts asking Sakura where she"s from and also why she"s here. Sakura goes right into a trance and also the mrs starts play the piano and also Sakura starts to sing "You room my love" in Japanese "Lost Memories" in English Dub. In ~ the end of the illustration Sakura is viewed inside an egg shaped pod.
"The Imp"s True Face"Transcription: "Oni no Sugao" (Japanese: 鬼児のスガオ)Ōto CountrySeptember 10, 2005<11>
Kurogane tells Syaoran to blindfold himself and walk earlier to The Cat"s Eye and also that that can"t take the blindfold off until he deserve to recognize presences. When training, Syaoran notices the Oni have actually the existence of something i m sorry isn"t alive. Kurogane and Fai leave Sakura at The Cat"s Eye and go to talk to the lady that experienced the new type of Oni. They discover out the the Oni is developed for the function of hunting. The brand-new Oni appears to have actually Sakura"s feather, and also reveals self to it is in Seishirō.
"The Indelible Memory"Transcription: "Kesenai Kioku" (Japanese: 消せないキオク)Ōto CountrySeptember 17, 2005<11>
Syaoran beginning remembering around Seishirō and also that he was the one who taught Syaoran just how to fight. Syaoran and also Kurogane walk to a tower complete of Oni to gain information ~ above Seishirō. In ~ the optimal of the tower they discover out the Seishirō is not an Oni and also that town hall is plan to remove him because that interfering. They also find the end that the greatest level Oni is in the form of a human and also can command all other Oni. Seishirō shows up at The Cat"s Eye as soon as only Fai and also Sakura room there and asks Fai if Kurogane and also Syaoran live there.
"The noodles Life"Transcription: "Kie yuku Inochi" (Japanese: 消えゆくイノチ)Ōto CountrySeptember 24, 2005<11>
Seishirō assaults Fai after that asks if Kurogane and Syaoran live there. It is revealed that Seishirō provided his best eye come Yūko to obtain the strength to travel in between dimensions however unlike Mokona he can only usage this power a minimal number the times. Fai gets cornered and is defeated. Seishirō provides Sakura"s feather and the people in the civilization start disintegrating choose a computer system program. As soon as Syaoran and also Kurogane get back to The Cat"s Eye they find out that Fai was defeated by an Oni and that Sakura may have been taken captive. As soon as Syaoran finds Seishirō and also asks him what taken place to Fai, he speak him the he eliminated Fai. Seishirō stabs Syaoran in the chest v a weapon made from Oni. Syaoran start disappearing however then Sakura comes running out and also hugs him and also they both disappear.
"The tongue of a desperate Fight"Transcription: "Shitō no Yaiba" (Japanese: 死闘のヤイバ)Edonis CountryOctober 1, 2005<11>
Syaoran wakes up inside an egg shame pod. That hears a tapping ~ above the glass and also sees Fai there, smiling, and also pointing to another pod which consists of Sakura. Sakura climate awakens too, and she and also Syaoran get out of your pods and greet every other. Syaoran wonders where they are; the ar they are in looks very different native the town. The group meet up with a woman whom Fai tells them can define everything, and she does so. The human being of Ōto is a virtual truth program in Fairy Park i beg your pardon is a renowned game because that the citizens of the Edonis country (エドニス国Edonisu Kuni). Syaoran sees that Kurogane and also Mokona room still sleep in their pods. The woman tells Syaoran the someone is interfering through the program. This human being is make the efforts to rotate the online reality into actual reality. Kurogane, Mokona, Ryū-ō and the rather appear. Seishirō then additionally appears and Kurogane fights with him. Prior to long, the true identification of the strongest Oni is revealed.
"The can be fried Game"Transcription: "Kyūkyoku no Gēmu" (Japanese: 究極のゲーム)Edonis CountryOctober 8, 2005<11>
The fight in between the group and the Oni continues, while Seishirō is told the real truth behind everlasting life in the game. Syaoran climbs come the top of the rollercoaster and also tells Seishirō the he doesn"t think he will be able to beat the in his current state. However, he has determined to get the feather back; for this reason he paint, etc his sword even though he to know he"s not quite ready yet. Once he draws the sword, it bursts into flames and also the struggle begins. Seishirō bring away off shortly after the struggle begins, however as the leaves, the Oni are left behind for them to take treatment of. After finishing them off, Mokona reacts to the power of the article Seishirō used and also takes the team to the following world.

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"The critical Wish"Transcription: "Saigo no Negai" (Japanese: 最後の願い)Tsarastora CountryOctober 15, 2005<11>
Syaoran and the group arrive in the next world, Tsarastora nation (ツァラストラ国Tsarasutora Kuni), where they review a letter indigenous the dimensional witch. It claims that Kurogane owes Yūko twin for the existing on Valentine"s Day. After Mokona senses a feather, Syaoran overcome out and has a flashback. Once he wakes he find himself surrounding by Sakura, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona, who tell that what happened. They then follow the old lady who enabled them to continue to be in her house, and also she mirrors them the holy place of the god they worship. She tells them it once used to be on the ground, but fifty percent a year ago it uncovered itself. The god claimed the first person to with the optimal will be granted any kind of wish. Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, Mokona and also Sakura struggle their way to the top, and Sakura desire that all of the people who had passed away trying to gain to the temple would be went back to life.

Season 2 (2006)