Which the the complying with statements defines why plants through the genotype Tt and TT would both have a phenotype the tall?

A. The an initial letter in the genotype shows the allele got from the masculine sex cell. The allele got from the male sex is the allele the is expressed. Incorrect. Allele expression is no determined through which sex cabinet an offspring receives the allele from.

B. Tallness is the recessive trait for plant height; therefore, the genotypes through Tt and TT would have actually the exact same phenotype. Incorrect. Tallness is a recessive trait in pea plants.

C. Tallness is the dominant trait because that plant height; therefore, the genotypes with Tt and TT would have the exact same phenotype. Correct!

D. Plants with the genotypes Tt and also TT would certainly not have actually the same phenotypes. Incorrect. Plants with the genotypes Tt and TT would have actually the very same phenotype.


A pea plant has actually a yellow pod color. What is the genotype?

A. Gg Incorrect. A plant with the genotype Gg would have eco-friendly colored pods.

B. Yy Incorrect. According to the chart above, environment-friendly is the dominant shade for pod color. The genotype Yy shows yellow seeds no pods.

C. Gg correctly!

D. Yg Incorrect. The exact same letter must be supplied to present the alleles because that a trait.

In guinea pigs, black hair color is leading to white hair color. Parental one is BB and parent 2 is bb. What are the correct genotypes that the parents?

A. Parental 1: homozygous recessive;Parent 2: homozygous dominantIncorrect. These space not the exactly genotypes that the parents.

B.Parent 1: heterozygous dominant; parental 2: heterozygous recessiveIncorrect. These room not the correct genotypes the the parents. There are no together genotypes as heterozygous dominant and heterozygous recessive.

C. Parent 1: homozygous dominant;Parent 2: homozygous recessiveCorrect!

D. Parent 1: heterozygous recessive;Parent 2: heterozygous dominantIncorrect. These space not the correct genotypes of the parents.

When gametes room formed, gene pairs separate into various sex cell according come the legislation of —

A. Independent assortment Incorrect. The legislation of elevation assortment claims that each gene pair for a properties is inherited live independence of the gene bag for every the other traits.

B. Incomplete supremacy Incorrect. The regulation incomplete prominence does not describe how gene bag separate throughout gamete formation.

C. Hybridization Incorrect.

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Hybridization walk not define how gene pairs separate throughout gamete formation.