today after an annoying problem with my pc I had to format it and reinstall everything.

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Of course i made back-up of all my files but, as always it appears that I shed something.

I usage Visual young Advance, particularly a alteration of it referred to as VisualLink. I conserved my records regularly making use of the virtual Flash ROM the emulator offers to conserve "in game".

But now, after whatever is done, every my papers have been relocated back, i was trial and error it and the save record is not well-known anymore. The doesn"t display a corrupted message, it merely would not acknowledge the conserved data.

I"m not sure just how to settle or workaround this.

The saved data was done ~ a lot the time and I really don"t desire to need to do it again. I evaluate your time.

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Check the emulator settings. You many likely have a various save type, girlfriend should shot to readjust that and reload the game. If girlfriend don"t know your old savetype, you"ll must try.


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