1905 Indian head coin value has steadily moved higher over the years. The is among the 1900 come 1909 years, forming a popular sub-set of collectible Indian pennies.

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Today in the collectors market 1905 pennies are plentiful in average circulated condition. However, nicer maintained coins with greater detail are much less available and realized by collectors. Study your coin, is the word "Liberty" visible within the headband? If all letters space readable her 1905 Indian head penny value doubles.

A top quality example is pictured to the right. Very rare space coins in the same problem as when very first leaving the mint. This 1905 penny is easily worth $30 due to the fact that of superior brightness and also mark complimentary surfaces. Further down the web page are auction outcomes of one of the best 1905 pennies.

Finding precise value of your old 1905 Indian penny is to first judge that condition. Collectors and dealers examine the lot of wear come the surface and also a "grade" is assigned. Images and grading explanation are described after the value chart.

1905 Indian Head penny ValueCondition that CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1905 Indian Head Penny worth Updated2021
1905 $1.48 $2.49 $7 $31

Highest value for Gem quality 1905 Indian Head Penny

An Indian penny showing no signs of wear to its surface ar is well-known as "uncirculated" condition. Pictured is a 1905 penny taking the term come a various level. Collectors would explain it together "Gem uncirculated." Bright original color, mark complimentary surfaces and absent are any kind of visual distractions. In reality this coin is outstanding in eye appeal.

When a coin of this gem top quality is readily available in the industry it is most likely in one auction setting. This coin was sold at a David Lawrence rarely coin auction after ~ multiple bids took the price come $690. Rarity and collector interest established a high value on gem 1905 Indian pennies.

Elite condition coins are only a small component of the coin collecting hobby, your rarity is a limiting factor. Countless collectors go after lightly worn and also pleasing instances as they are building sets. Her 1905 Indian coin is constantly of value.


Good Fortune and Condition result in Value

Demand for greater quality 1905 pennies creates a doubling or an ext in value for the nicer coins. Your coin is highly preferable to collectors if it was lucky sufficient to have actually been collection aside before wearing extensively. Referee the "grade" and also value group of your coin by to compare it to the images and also descriptions.


Uncirculated: Coveted by collectors due to the fact that no undertake disturbs the surface. This penny despite its period is in like new condition and rising come the high end of 1905 Indian head penny value. Toning may appear as a dark redness and also brown, but no parts of the architecture have been worn from contact. With a magnifying glass examine her cheek and the advice of the feathers for wear. Minting imparts a certain grain come the surface of coins, stay can show up as a somewhat glossy or smooth sheen and also sometimes with dullness come the area.


Extremely Fine: 1905 pennies uncovered with crisp, sharp detail are uncommon. Clear definitions of minor style elements space Indian pennies graded together "extremely fine" condition. First determine if the top and also bottom the the headband is fine defined. This plus all of "Liberty" plainly visible puts your coin in a select group precious a strong premium. Next, her eye brow and cheek need to show almost complete roundness v only small areas of flatness. Check the extra fine grade v a distinct ribbon crossing over the hair curls behind her neck.


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Fine: Pulled native circulation v ample information remaining, Indian pennies in "fine" problem are pleasing. She face and hair are completely separated through rounded contours. Lettering and date is bold. Indigenous the optimal of the headband, adhering to her forehead and down behind she ear room the highest points of design. That is these areas that wear clears much of the finer detail.

Good: Heavy stay has reduced the portrait to nearly a flat silhouette. The headband and also hair above the eye are no longer separated, hair curls along her neck and also ribbon space merged. In "good" problem enough that the design and also a bold date remain to quickly recognize. Solid 1905 Indian head penny value, very collectible despite its worn appearance.